Wednesday, Dec 2 2020
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Issue #83

HorrorHound #83 May/Jun 2020

Features a 28 Days Later retrospective, including a visual guide to the merchandise of this zombie/pandemic-themed horror feature. Additionally, this "Special Quarantine Issue" of HorrorHound features a guide to pandemic cinema, a Board to Death article on the game of Pandemic .... while Kitley's Krypt also focuses on pandemic horrors!

Additionally, movie news features an exclusive interview with Dave Franco on his new film, The Rental. Plus we interview the filmmakers behind such film and TV series as She Never Died, Tigers are Not Afraid, and Cursed Films. A Final Destination Horror's Hallowed Grounds, VHS Invasion on Star Classics, a look back at the history of Tiger Electronics horror games, and a peek into the new Remco Universal Monsters Halloween masks (as well as a look BACK at the classic monster toys of yesteryear) make up this issue of HorrorHound Magazine. 

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