Thursday, Oct 6 2022
2019 Spring Special thumb

2019 Spring Special

HorrorHound 2019 Spring Annual
An all-new HorrorHound special one-shot spotlights the Horror's of
Cosplay! We take a look at, an interview, the most popular cosplay
celebrities within the world of the dark and macabre art of the horror
genre. A guide to how to win a costume contest is paired with various
articles on makeup, cosplay prop and make-up manufacturers (including
Funworld, NECA, Trick or Treat Studios, and many more). On top of this
– this special issue also includes a retrospective article on one of
the most popular "cosplayed" movies of all time – The Rocky Horror
Picture Show! Includes a guide to Rocky Horror merchandise, including
toys, comic books, and soundtracks. (HorrorHound)

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