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Issue #72

HorrorHound Issue #72 Jul/Aug 2018

This issue of HorrorHound features a Survival Guide to Animal-Attack Cinema! Write-ups on the various aspects of this subgenera include Sharks, Bears, Dogs, and Gators – climaxing with an in-depth retrospective on the Alfred Hitchcock horror masterpiece, The Birds! Fantasm spotlights the recent Living Dead Weekend and the Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco Friday the 13th event. A Horror's Hallowed Grounds on A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4, plus news! Included in Movie and TV News is the new Stephen King television series, Castle Rock (with cast interviews), an exclusive interview with Eli Roth for House with a Clock in It's Walls, a director interview for The Meg, Leigh Whannel on Upgrade, Alexandre Aja on Campfire Creepers, RKSS on Summer of 84, and AMC's Preacher. 

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