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The Loveless - Born Weird - CD

We are thrilled to present the DEBUT album from Dayton, Ohio-natives – The Loveless! Dubbed "Born Weird," this 11-track pulse-pounding race through punk and surf/horrorabilly is available on CD and features a bonus track (an awesome surprise cover song) which will not be available via digital download. "Born Weird" is a fast paced fiery album – as evident by tracks such as "Speed Demon," "Scarewaves," and "Mean Green." The stand-up base slaps alongside relentless drums and intricate guitar licks, and slows down (just a tad) for tracks such as "Haunting" which indeed delivers a haunting punk rock sound that will be stuck in your head for days. If you are a fan of bands such as Mad Sin, Nekromantix, Koffin Kats – you will be thrilled with The Loveless.

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