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Issue #1

Q1 2006 - Get your very own rare, FIRST ISSUE copy of our game-changing HorrorHound Magazine - Don’t be caught without this slice of horror history!

In this issue, you will find:
*Insider insight for the serious horror movie collector
*Horror paraphernalia (comics, action figures, masks, etc.) for serious collectors, or those
seeking a serious collection addiction
*Horror film, DVD/Blue-Ray, and television updates straight from the horror genre experts
*Interviews with talented FX artists that bring terror to life
*A look at director Teruo Ishii and his Cult films for the Hardcore Gore fan

HorrorHound #1! A full-color publication featuring the latest horror movie news, as well as in-depth coverage of genre collectibles, from action figures and comic books, to DVD's, music, masks, and more!

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