Tuesday, Aug 3 2021

9 December

Daniel Isn't Real Review

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Daniel Isn't Real - ReviewYou can’t go back, only forwards.Daniel is a lot of things. It would be incredibly presumptuous of me to act like I could list everything he symbolizes (at least without writing a novella length review). Immediately, he forms an immaculate portrait of trauma during the formative

5 April

The Haunting of Sharon Tate Review

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The Haunting of Sharon Tate challenges fate and provides you with the unexpected.  Hope. One year before her death, Sharon Tate had a premonition of what eventually was that fateful night where she and four others within her home were to be murdered.  This film isn't an exact historical

5 April

The Possession of Hannah Grace Review

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*Spoilers Ahead*Stop me if you heard this one before. ‘I love horror… whenI watch The Walking Dead.’ How about,‘The scariest movie in a decade or a generation!’ We could also go with adirect quote from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or a horror figure who gives their stampof approval. This stamp is

16 November

Holliston-Part 1-Graphic Novel Review

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by Dr. Michelle ContyAdam Green’s semi-autobiographical television series has been turned into a graphic novel. In the story, main characters wannabe filmmakers Adam and Joe desperately want to throw a big Halloween party, it’s THEIR Christmas after all, but they don’t have any money.  As the pair walk home after shooting

13 October

Better Watch Out - Review

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Review by Audery LaneThe holidays ... a time of year that brings joy and dread to millions.  If you are like me you enjoy this time more when it's a little darker, a little bloodier and a little more shocking.  Better Watch Out delivers on all those elements and does

9 October

The Blackwell Ghost - Review

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review by Brian NapierTo believe in ghosts or not, that is the question isn’t it? Asa scientist and natural skeptic, I always approach films like this calling“bullshit” before the opening credits. However, The Blackwell Ghostgot me to stop and ask, maybe? Shot in a documentary-style, Blackwell used the mundane and subtle

18 September

The Strain - Season Finale Review

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Guillermo del Toro's vampire epic ended with a bang.  It also ended with two sets of father's and son's and how they mirrored each other.For those who weren't aware, FX had agreed to del Toro & Chuck Hogan's rule from the beginning that the series would be have a set

5 September

WTF! - Review

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Drawing influence from films like Prom Night (2008), I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) and AprilFools Day (1986), we meet a group of cookie cutter seniors who havedecided on spring break to journey out for a weekend of fun to a secluded cabinwithing the woods in WTF! Each member of the

30 July

Annabelle Creation - Review

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Last night, New Line Cinema previewed a special SDCC screening of Annabelle Creation for press and select lucky Comic-Con goers. The event itself was a delight – with a pre-show meet-n-greet (press only) with both the cast and crew of Annabelle - and the highly anticipated Stephen King's IT. Following,

30 July

I Don't Feel at Home – Review

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I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore – ReviewNow available on Netflix, is the directing debut of a genre acting fave of this reviewers – Macon Blair. Macon, for those unfamiliar, is the star of such films as Murder Party, and Blue Ruin – a Jeremy Saulnier staple (also appearing in

30 July

The Mummy - Review

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The Mummy - ReviewUniversal Studios launched their "Dark Universe" (i.e. a rebranded, modern "Universal Monsters") with the Tom Cruise-starrer The Mummy on June 9th – and as a reviewer, it's hard to discuss the film without being somewhat influenced by the hoopla surrounding it. Universal opted to hold off press