8 September

Allegoria - Spider One Interview

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Allegoria - Spider One InterviewBy Jessica DwyerAllegoria is a return to the twistending and cautionary tale anthologies of old.  But there's a connectivetissue between the stories that adds another layer to this blood soaked storiesof tortured (literally) artists and characters that dwell within.Spider One has written and directeda creepy, effective

24 August

The Invitation Interview

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We Hope You Can AttendThe InvitationBy Jessica DwyerThe Invitation is, without spoiling anything, a vampirefilm.  This was made obvious from the trailer.  But the film itself has a lot more going onthan you may think and uses the vampire genre in a way that’s fantastic tobehold.  I really enjoyed what

30 August

No Man of God: Luke Kirby shows real horror of Ted Bundy

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No Man of God:  Review/Interview Luke Kirby shows real horror of Ted BundyBy Jessica DwyerNo Man of God isn’t a flashy film.  It doesn’t have overt scenes of violence andgore.  It’s not supernatural at all.  The thing that makes the movie terrifying isthe realness of it and how it shows us,

16 March

Horrorhound talks with Lukas Hassel

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By: Dr. Michelle ContyAward winning actor, writer,and director Lukas Hassel took time out of his film promotion schedule to talkto Horrorhound about art, film, and what’s next on his very brighthorizon.  The Danish bore film star cameto the United States after graduating from the Samuel Beckett Theatre School atTrinity College

18 October

Lore Interview With Aaron Mahnke

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Lore: Truth Is Stranger Than FictionInterview With Aaron Mahnkeby Jessica DwyerIf you haven't heard of the podcast known as Lore, it's time to rectify that right now. Lore is a history lesson and horror tale combined. It's hard to describe but I'll try anyway. Lore is the brainchild of writer Aaron

18 August

NOTES & BLOOD: The Color Morale's Garret Rapp

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When you’ve toured the world, sold thousands of records and have been featured in every major music magazine, what next dream or goal do you shoot for? If you’re Garret Rapp, vocalist for the popular metalcore band, The Color Morale, you shoot for something you’ve always wanted even more than

17 August

NOTES&BLOOD: Motionless In White's "Ghost"

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Pennsylvania’s Motionless in White is a band that has always had a knack for combining the heavy and melodic into one Molotov cocktail of ear candy. Taking cues from Depeche Mode all the way over to Cradle of Filth, the band has won over fans all across the world with