4 January

Jay Kay's Top 28 Favorite Genre Films of 2021

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My Top 28 Favorite Horror Genre Film List is based off of a 2021 U.S. wide release or having seen at film festivals during 2021. I added a few more films that I was on the fence about but deserve to be included! Thanks for reading and sharing. 1. The Feast

23 September

HorrorHound Rewind Starts September 23rd - 26th!

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PRESS RELEASE: HORRORHOUND REWIND STARTS TODAY SEPTEMBER 23rd & RUNS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 26th!HorrorHound Adds Additional Value to Its Award Winning ConventionSeptember 21st, 2021 HorrorHound Ltd. is delighted to announce the continuation of its Virtual Film Fest which started in 2020 with a new Virtual Event titled HorrorHound Rewind! HorrorHound Rewind is