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8 September

Allegoria - Spider One Interview

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Allegoria - Spider One InterviewBy Jessica DwyerAllegoria is a return to the twistending and cautionary tale anthologies of old.  But there's a connectivetissue between the stories that adds another layer to this blood soaked storiesof tortured (literally) artists and characters that dwell within.Spider One has written and directeda creepy, effective

18 May


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SUPERNATURAL THRILLER “THEY WAIT IN THE DARK” FINISHES POST-PRODUCTIONSmart Mouth Productions announces post-production is complete on The Wait in the Dark, the latest feature from celebrated indie horror film director/writer Patrick Rea (I Am Lisa, Arbor Demon, Nailbiter). Rea's latest film was shot in the summer of 2021 entirely on

4 January

Jay Kay's Top 28 Favorite Genre Films of 2021

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My Top 28 Favorite Horror Genre Film List is based off of a 2021 U.S. wide release or having seen at film festivals during 2021. I added a few more films that I was on the fence about but deserve to be included! Thanks for reading and sharing. 1. The Feast

23 September

HorrorHound Rewind Starts September 23rd - 26th!

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PRESS RELEASE: HORRORHOUND REWIND STARTS TODAY SEPTEMBER 23rd & RUNS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 26th!HorrorHound Adds Additional Value to Its Award Winning ConventionSeptember 21st, 2021 HorrorHound Ltd. is delighted to announce the continuation of its Virtual Film Fest which started in 2020 with a new Virtual Event titled HorrorHound Rewind! HorrorHound Rewind is

30 August

HorrorHound Speaks to the Team Behind Horrible Imaginings

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Returning to The Frida Cinema Thursday, September 2nd through Sunday, September 5th, the 12th annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival will offer a cinematic and artistic experience that will challenge, educate, invoke, and enrich the viewer both in theater and virtually. In concert with the special presentation called Horrible Realities, the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

15 August

2021 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Returns September 2-5!

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20 November

The 2019 BIFFF Event Review

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A Strange Man in a Film Land: 2019 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) – Brussels, Belgium I have covered festivals now for a better part of fiveyears. During that time, I have been across North America heading to citieslike Kansas City, Los Angeles, Austin, Toronto, Knoxville, Boston, New YorkCity,

2 July

3 From Hell Unrated Screening News!

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Behold the return of the Firefly Clan on this very Manson-esque movie poster for Rob Zombie's follow up to The Devil's Rejects ... 3 From Hell.  The film will be hitting screens this September and, for an added treat, fans can attend an UNRATED screening of the film and get

8 August

Macabre Gems Revealed @ "Nightmares"

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Columbus, Ohio – Forfilmmakers and fans alike, Nightmares Film Festival (Oct. 19 to 22) is makingthe number 13 lucky again!The renowned genre and horrorfestival, watched by critics and ranked first on FilmFreeway by filmmakers, todayrevealed the first 13 films and screenplays to be included in its 2017worldwide program of “#BetterHorror.”