8 March

Check out the trailers for the spring HorrorHound Film Festival

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HorrorHound Weeekend returns to the Sharonville Convention Center March 25-27! With a stacked lineup that features celebrities, fans, vendors, exhibits, after hours entertainment, and many more frights, the HorrorHound Film Festival returns for three stellar days of genre programming featuring filmmakers, Q&As, panel workshops, a virtual film market, 8 feature films,

4 January

Jay Kay's Top 28 Favorite Genre Films of 2021

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My Top 28 Favorite Horror Genre Film List is based off of a 2021 U.S. wide release or having seen at film festivals during 2021. I added a few more films that I was on the fence about but deserve to be included! Thanks for reading and sharing. 1. The Feast

30 August

HorrorHound Speaks to the Team Behind Horrible Imaginings

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Returning to The Frida Cinema Thursday, September 2nd through Sunday, September 5th, the 12th annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival will offer a cinematic and artistic experience that will challenge, educate, invoke, and enrich the viewer both in theater and virtually. In concert with the special presentation called Horrible Realities, the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

28 August

The H2F2 Film Festival Returns September 10th to 12th!

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FORIMMEDIATE RELEASESunday, August 29, 2021The H2F2 Film Festival Returns for a Weekend of Indie Horror Madness September 10th to 12th at the Sharonville Convention Center! After being avirtual only film festival in 2020, the H2F2 Film Festival returns as part ofthe 2021 Fall HorrorHound Weekend at the revamped and renovated SharonvilleConvention

15 August

2021 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Returns September 2-5!

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16 July

Update Regarding HorrorHound Weekend

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For more HorrorHound:Please don't forget to also find your way to HorrorHound TV on YouTube where you can find select past event panel room recordings, celebrity interviews, and original HorrorHound content to keep your horror heart satisfied as physical convention opportunities are limited. Be sure to LIVE HorrorHound on facebook.com/HorrorHoundWeekend

20 November

The 2019 BIFFF Event Review

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A Strange Man in a Film Land: 2019 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) – Brussels, Belgium I have covered festivals now for a better part of fiveyears. During that time, I have been across North America heading to citieslike Kansas City, Los Angeles, Austin, Toronto, Knoxville, Boston, New YorkCity,

8 January

'Medusa Underground Film Festival'

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THEINAUGURAL LAS VEGAS BASED “MEDUSA UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL” ANNOUNCES THEIRFIRST WAVE OF PROGRAMMING INCLUDING SHORTS, THE FIRST FEATURE, AND MORECELEBRATING FEMALE FILMMAKERS FROM AROUND THE WORLDCelebratingthe art of the female filmmaker, the Medusa Underground Film Festival will showcasetwo features including the Vegas Premiere of Re-agitator: Revenge of theParody plus over

5 July

10 Films to Check Out at the 2018 Fantasia

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Fantasia Internationl Film Festival is closely approaching – happening in the heart of Montreal from July 12th to Aug 2nd! Thee 22nd annual event will feature incredible pomp, celebration, and circumstance spanning more than 22 days. Created, curated and cultivated for fans from all walks of life and generations, the ringleader Mitch

25 June

Vidar the Vampire (2017) - Review

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Available on DVD right now via Amazon and Epic-Pictures.com, Vidar the Vampire is a smart and masterful collaboration of vampire lore and lifestyle that is executed so well on a black comedy platform. With vampire trouped entries that blend horror and humor over the last four decades including Once Bitten, Buffy

7 February

Before We Vanish (2017) - Review

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What’s in a name? What makes us unique to not onlyeach other but the world at large or the universe? Do our conceptions make us asource of knowledge more powerful than a computer or life outside of Earth? Forfamed Japanese genre writer, director and storyteller Kiyoshi Kurosawa, itdoes. Before We

8 August

Macabre Gems Revealed @ "Nightmares"

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Columbus, Ohio – Forfilmmakers and fans alike, Nightmares Film Festival (Oct. 19 to 22) is makingthe number 13 lucky again!The renowned genre and horrorfestival, watched by critics and ranked first on FilmFreeway by filmmakers, todayrevealed the first 13 films and screenplays to be included in its 2017worldwide program of “#BetterHorror.”