Friday, Feb 26 2021

22 January

Latest Updates from HorrorHound

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January 22nd, 2021:We hope everyone is safe and well!Things have been quiet on the convention front, due to the ongoing pandemic and the unknown immediate future of the events industry as a whole. But we have been working hard in the background to assure HorrorHound Weekend returns once the world

8 August

Macabre Gems Revealed @ "Nightmares"

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Columbus, Ohio – Forfilmmakers and fans alike, Nightmares Film Festival (Oct. 19 to 22) is makingthe number 13 lucky again!The renowned genre and horrorfestival, watched by critics and ranked first on FilmFreeway by filmmakers, todayrevealed the first 13 films and screenplays to be included in its 2017worldwide program of “#BetterHorror.”

30 July

Lost in Buffalo City Debuts

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Showcasing both the history and scenery of North Carolina’s Dare County, the locally produced horror featurette Lost In Buffalo City was released by Baldwin Video Productions exclusively for online on-demand viewing nationwide.Filmmakers are hoping proceeds from this production will help fund future projects. “We want to follow this first effort up with