24 August

The Invitation Interview

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We Hope You Can AttendThe InvitationBy Jessica DwyerThe Invitation is, without spoiling anything, a vampirefilm.  This was made obvious from the trailer.  But the film itself has a lot more going onthan you may think and uses the vampire genre in a way that’s fantastic tobehold.  I really enjoyed what

5 October

HorrorHound Weekend Returns this March 25-27th, 2022

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HorrorHound Weekend returns to Cincinnati, Ohio this March 25-27th, 2022!At the Sharonville Convention Center, look for a "return to normalcy" in the world of horror, as dozens of popular celebrities from within the world of film and television migrate over a three-day-weekend paired with over 130 exciting vendors, our Spring HorrorHound

30 August

No Man of God: Luke Kirby shows real horror of Ted Bundy

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No Man of God:  Review/Interview Luke Kirby shows real horror of Ted BundyBy Jessica DwyerNo Man of God isn’t a flashy film.  It doesn’t have overt scenes of violence andgore.  It’s not supernatural at all.  The thing that makes the movie terrifying isthe realness of it and how it shows us,

20 May

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Light Vs Dark

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The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It Light Vs DarkOne of the biggest horror movie franchises in recent years, The Conjuring has made its own universe full of full on horror.  What makes these films stand out is that they are based on the real lives of Ed

11 May

The Conjuring 3 First 11 Min Reaction W/Director Michael Chaves

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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Opening FirstThoughtsBy Jessica DwyerThe Conjuring franchise has become one of the mostsuccessful in horror history. This is in no small amount due to The Warrens asrepresented by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. The relationship between thesetwo and their ongoing battle against demons

18 February

Virtual HorrorHound Weekend DETAILS!

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Details for the Virtual HorrorHound Weekend are rolling out!Starting at 2pm on Friday, March 19th, fans of indie horror cinema – and horror in general – can login to the Virtual HorrorHound Weekend event, a three-day streaming film festival loaded with bonus celebrity interviews, filmmaker Q&As, new exclusive material, plus

27 September

October Movie Screening Challenge 2020

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It's time for the SIXTH ANNUAL October Movie Screening Challenge! That's right – this is the sixth year in a row we at HorrorHound have pieced and posted a screening guide for how to plan out your spooky season! The challenge is simple: you to watch one horror film each day

1 March

Mars Attacks: Uprising Invades Kickstarter!

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Mars Attacks: Uprising Trading Cards Invade Kickstarter!By Jessica DwyerMars Attacks has become its own cult standard of art, film, comics, and has inspired just as much other content.  These creepy aliens who are somehow both horrifying and adorable at the same time began with a trading card line in the

2 July

3 From Hell Unrated Screening News!

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Behold the return of the Firefly Clan on this very Manson-esque movie poster for Rob Zombie's follow up to The Devil's Rejects ... 3 From Hell.  The film will be hitting screens this September and, for an added treat, fans can attend an UNRATED screening of the film and get

29 September

In Search of Darkness '80s Horror Documentary

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CreatorVC is digging into the stuff of nightmares with the recently announced documentary In Search of Darkness which takes us back to the days of VHS and Reagan-era politics as well as the scares and blood splattered horror aisle of your local video rental store.The film will be starting a

18 July

New Mandy Images Revealed

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The upcoming film Mandy is gaining a lot of attention and it looks completely insane from our first glimpse of the film, via the trailer (watch below).  Now we have new images to give us more insight into the film that stars Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough (and is directed

28 June

Scream! Factory Steams the Summer of Fear

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Are you ready for one of the best parts of summer?  Of course we mean watching horror movies for hours on end, in the comfort of your air-conditioned living room! Shout!/Scream! Factory are gearing up for their Summer of Fear streaming bonanza.  Here's the breakdown of what you can watch starting

27 June

Fox Calls On Fans for Alien Shorts!

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Calling all Alien fans!  With the 40th Anniversary of the epic horror and sci-fi legend coming up Fox and Tongal are partnering together to give fans and filmmakers a chance to create their own entry into the world of Alien.  Are you a fan filmmaker?  Ever wanted to take on

27 June

Mandy Trailer Is Here!

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THE MANDY TRAILER IS HERE!The Mandy trailer has been unleashed on the internet and it is as insane, beautiful, and bloody as we could have hoped for.  There's no way to do it justice - you simply have to watch it, then bow down to Nicolas Cage, unleashed in a

30 July

STASIS coming August 2017

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After a night out partying and being left behind by friends, Ava sneaks back home tofind that she’s already safe in bed.  But that’s not Ava... it’s someonewho looks like her.  A time-traveling fugitive has stolen Ava’s body,which makes Ava a virtual ghost, who is silent and invisible to the