Sunday, Jul 12 2020

9 January

AMOK Time Reveals Creepshow "Fluffy" Toy

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Amok Time Toys announced their fourth action figure as part of their growing Monstarz Creepshow toyline – Fluffy from the short film, "The Crate!"Monstarz Creepshow "The Crate" Fluffy figure stands 3.75" tall, and is sculpted as part of the Retro Action Figure line that captures the feel of toy releases

7 February

Before We Vanish (2017) - Review

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What’s in a name? What makes us unique to not onlyeach other but the world at large or the universe? Do our conceptions make us asource of knowledge more powerful than a computer or life outside of Earth? Forfamed Japanese genre writer, director and storyteller Kiyoshi Kurosawa, itdoes. Before We

26 September

Creep 2 Goes Digital on October 24th

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The Orchard are set to release Creep 2 on all digital platforms on October 24th. The surprise indie hit from 2014 receives a follow-up feature from returning director Patrick Brice – and written by the original film's writing duo of Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass (with Duplass returning in the

4 September

Halloween Editions of Fox Horror BD/DVDs!

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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment unveiled some pretty bad-ass Halloween treats for movie and art buffs. The studio, is set to release a 19 film collection of exclusive Halloween edition Blu-rays and DVDs in limited-edition art packaging by renowned artist/illustrator Orlando Arocena. Utilizing vibrant colors and a fervent imagination, Arocena’s

30 July

The Creep Behind the Camera hits BD!

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The shocking true story of one of the worst films ever made comes to life in The Creep Behind the Camera – coming to Blu-ray this September from Synapse Films – paired with The Creeping Terror!"The Creep Behind the Camera pays vibrant tribute to an inglorious chapter in the history of