Saturday, Jun 12 2021

H2F2 - Jeffrey Redick's "The Shift"

The HorrorHound Film Fest (H2F2) is proud to offer a sneak peek screening of a film shot on location in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The Shift tells the story of three old high school friends getting together to catch up and have some fun...why not a ride-a-long with an Indianapolis police officer?  The night starts off like a McLovin ride-a-long; but, things quickly go from Superbad to super horrible when the officer they are riding along with gets brutally attacked.  The three friends are forced to steal the squad car and run for their lives when an otherworldly evil fixes its gaze on them.  No matter where they go, it finds them.  As the film's tagline says, "you cannot run from the hidden".

The Shift was produced by Jeffrey Reddick (creator of the Final Destination franchise), Justin Kornmann and Gregory Ballard.  Ballard also wrote the screenplay.  He grew up in and around Indianapolis and had always envisioned the story taking place there.  The entire city came together to participate in The Shift ... the Indianapolis Police Department, the Indianapolis Fire Department, local EMS, restaurants, etc.  In fact, the officers portrayed in the film are actual members of the IPD, including one of the leads, Chris Wilburn. The three friends are played by fresh faces, Sarah Davenport, Paul Woodfolk, and Reese Mishler (The Gallows).

The Shift, directed by Louis Benjamin Del Guercio, is a film whose arc is endurance.  The three friends are on the run from something that will not give up, it doesn't tire and it's unrelenting...much like It Follows or The Terminator.  As with most Reddick films, the characters are charming.  The audience will find it very easy to connect, which makes the storyline all the more traumatic.  If you're a fan of Invasion of the Body Snatchers or The Faculty, you have to check out The Shift.