Tuesday, Aug 9 2022

HorrorHound Weekend Pro Photo-Ops!

PHOTO-OPS UPDATE: We are getting a lot of questions regarding Photo-Ops! All available professional ops are now online and ready to order! CLICK HERE! Some of the noteworthy ops we have available include group ops for Goonies, Buffy, The Lost Boys, The Frog Brothers duo (Corey Feldman, Jamison Newlander), plus rare costumed ops for Friday the 13th Part 2 (including Steve Dash is a custom-made Jason costume (this is a brand-new film-accurate costume made exclusively for HHW, by Chuck Ryan), mother (with shrine), and Amy Steel in Mother's sweater), a Sinister costume op (Nick King in Mr. Boogie costume), and The Strangers duo (holding masks). These are all rare gets and pro-ops are the only way to secure yours. You can pre-order yours today by CLICKING HERE! Please note, while ops will be available the day of the show – this is the only way to purchase via credit card. Day-of will be cash-only. A schedule is also available – CLICK HERE to check it out. 

We are also getting a lot of questions regarding who is exclusively OP only. Hopefully this guide will help everyone maneuver their wants (or needs) in regards to planning ops:

Sean Astin will be Photo-Op Only. The only way to secure a photo w/Sean will be through professional photo-ops. CLICK HERE. Keep in mind, Sean will be available for a single pro-op, or the Goonies trio op as well (both are exclusive to pro-ops). 

The following guests will do selfies at their table, for an additional fee:

• Corey Feldman: $40 selfie at table

• Ryan Hurst: $40 selfie at table (or $60 for auto/selfie combo)

• Fairuza Balk: $40 selfie at table ($60 for auto/selfie combo)

• Brooke Smith: $30 selfie at table ($40 for auto/selfie combo)

• Nicholas Brendon: $40 selfie at table ($60 for auto/selfie combo)

• Juliet Landau: $40 selfie at table ($60 for auto/selfie combo)

• Nestor Carbonell: $40 selfie at table ($60 for auto/selfie combo)

• Max Thieriot: $40 selfie at table ($60 for auto/selfie combo)

• Mitch Pileggi: $40 selfie at table ($60 for auto/selfie combo)

*Costume and Group ops are exclusive to professional photo ops.

(Anyone not listed above should be doing free photos at table w/purchase of an autograph.)

*Prices are set by celebrity/management and could slightly vary from quotes above.