Sunday, Oct 24 2021

Stranger Things Season Two Trailer "Thrills!"

October 27th cant come soon enough. When Netflix's new series, Stranger Things, hit the streaming service last Fall, it quickly became the surprise hit of the year. And while it took awhile, the fandom that followed has been quite breathtaking, with a plethora of soundtrack releases, action figures, clothing, and even more zany merchandising just around the corner (we are just waiting for the must-need pinball machine!) ... but what we wanted more than any of said merchandising? A follow-up season. And while we knew it was coming – and hopeful that it could deliver the same level of entertainment and nostalgic recreationism of 1980s America – the SDCC-reveal trailer we finally received this week? More than lives up to our expectations. The horror elements that existed in the first season are amped up for this upcoming story – all the more amplified by the most perfectly-chosen music sampling imaginable. Well .... why spoil the surprise? Click play on the trailer before and find out for yourself just how thrilling this new season is shaping up!