Celebrate Halloween (And Christmas) – The Disney Way!

It's that time of year again ... when Disney starts to unleash their Halloween ... errr, Christmas decor!?

Fans of Disney – particularly the Disney Parks (Disneyland, Walt Disney World) have keen eyes when it comes to new merchandise being released at the parks, and subsequently online at ShopDisney.com. Over the past few weeks the website, which had mostly ignored Disney's darker properties, has been awakening with new Halloween reveals and offerings – mostly relegated to their ultra-popular Haunted Mansion ride license. In the past few weeks fans have been treated to new pet offerings (a pet bed, bowl, dog toy), glassware, apparel, pins, and more. But it's been the strict Halloween offerings most have been patiently awaiting, as the Disney haunt season is just around the corner. 

 That day has come. The first of the Halloween 2022 merch has begun to hit ShopDisney.com. A countdown calendar (shown above) is one of the more noteworthy pieces to show up first. Additionally, Mickey/Minnie ears, The Nightmare Before Christmas items, and random Mickey Pumpkin collectibles are now available – with plenty more to come. One of the more surprising inclusions this year is a number of items related to the vintage Disney short, "The Skeleton Dance" – of which received a fun ornament, crossbody bag, glasses, and incense holder. ("The Skeleton Dance" is a 1929 animated short and served as the first entry in the Silly Symphony series.)

Be sure to check out ShopDisney.com with regularity as new items are posted almost daily.