VHS Premier Their Latest Release, "I Heard They Suck...Blood."

Are you a fan of vampires? Do you want to sleep all day, party all night and never grow old? So do the Canadian heavy metal party punks VHS. The gruesome group's latest LP is a blood soaked love letter to some of the best vampire films horror fandom has to offer. From classics such as The Lost Boys to cult favorites like Martin, VHS is going straight for the neck with 11 brand new tracks to rock your creepy crypt.

Vocalist/guitarist Mike Hochins states: "The last two albums have both revolved around a theme. We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs was about aquatic horror, and Gore From Beyond the Stars was about cheesy space horror and sci-fi flicks. I'm not even sure where the vampire idea first came from, but once it sunk its fangs into me I really enjoyed where the theme was taking us. I definitely knew I wanted to stick to the grittier side of the vampire genre. Definitely didn't want to break out the Addams Family piano sound or anything like that. Basically I made a list of all of the movies that I thought would make for cool songs, watched a bunch of them, and then stuck to whatever movies inspired me in any way lyrically. Near DarkThe Lost BoysHorror of DraculaFright NightSundownLet Me In, and The Monster Squad all made the cut. I think we are taking a bit of a risk since vampires are seen as a bit cheesy, gothic and overdone. But I think we came at the theme from a different angle and it all still sounds like VHS with a few surprises thrown in."

Thanks to our friends at Wise Blood Records, you can hear it here first. 

Don't delay! We are streaming this album today only.

"I Hear They Suck..Blood!" officially releases on December 3rd.

Pre-Order on Bandcamp: https://vhshorror.bandcamp.com/album/i-heard-they-suck-blood

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