October Movie Screening Challenge 2021

It's time for the SEVENTH ANNUAL October Movie Screening Challenge! That's right – this is the seventh year in a row we at HorrorHound have pieced and posted a screening guide for how to plan out your spooky season! The challenge is simple: you to watch one horror film each day of October featuring the following plot devices, characters, or particulars .... what film you watch is up to you, as long as it involves the following each day:

October 1: Watch a movie with a pumpkin, witch, or skeleton on the cover.
October 2: Watch a horror film that starts with the letter M.
October 3: Nobody can hear you scream, select a horror film set in space.
October 4: They always come back ... watch a horror remake.
October 5: Still miss theaters? Watch a movie you remember seeing in the theater.
October 6: Pick any horror film starring Vincent Price.
October 7: Watch an animated horror movie or Halloween TV special.
October 8: Cannibals! Pick out a movie that features Cannibals!
October 9: Jinkies! Watch a thriller, Giallo, or a Scooby-Doo Mystery.
October 10: Choose a horror movie that revolves around food.
October 11: Pick out a movie from your DVD collection. Yes. We said "DVD." 
October 12: It's "Terror Tuesday!" Watch a Creature Feature!
October 13: Watch a horror documentary – or horror film with its commentary track turned on. 
October 14: Watch a new streaming horror movie (2020 or 2021 release).
October 15: Halloween Kills hits theaters! Watch that (or another Halloween feature).
October 16: Candyman was released on this day in 1992 ... watch any Candyman film.
October 17: Show indie labels love. Watch a movie released by Severin, Synapse, or Vinegar Syndrome. 
October 18Watch a film that stars a killer (or scary) clown.
October 19Watch any British-made movie (we suggest an anthology).
October 20: It's "Hump Day" ... Watch a horror comedy to lift your spirits.
October 21: Watch a film you've never seen before.
October 22:Invite family over for a fun Friday Horror Night with a Family friendly feature. 
October 23: Russian Roulette. Have one of your friends pick today's movie for you!
October 24Watch the final film made from your favorite horror franchise. 
October 25: It's Monster Monday! Watch a classic monster movie.
October 26GoreHounds night out! Watch the goriest horror movie you can stomach.
October 27: They won't stay dead. Watch a zombie movie.
October 28: The devil made him do it! Watch a film that deals with the devil or demons. 
October 29: It's National Frankenstein Day! Pick out a Frankenstein-based film.
October 30: Collect This! Watch a horror film about a killer doll or toy.
October 31: A holiday ritual, watch Trick r Treat ... Happy Halloween!

We brought back just a couple of our favorite picks ... and tried to come up with some new concepts for this year's challenge. Have fun with the list and email us at mail@horrorhound.com with any suggestions you may have for our 2022 list, in 12 short months. Thanks and enjoy your October ... and Halloween!

*If you do not have the ability to watch a specific film type listed above (maybe you don't own one or can't find one or don't have the appropriate streaming service), then you must watch John Carpenter's Halloween (if you fall victim of this clause more than once, then watch the sequels in order, as required, till the list is complete).