Virtual HorrorHound On Demand!


With physical HorrorHound Weekends returning to Cincinnati this September 10-12th, 2021, we invite everyone to first join us this weekend for the Virtual HorrorHound event, featuring the Spring 2021 HorrorHound Film Festival. Like our prior Virtual events, any current HHW pass holders can access the weekend-long event for free by just using their valid HHW pass (just visit starting 2pm on Friday and log in with the digit code found on your pass – and don't worry, using the code will not invalidate your ticket. Use it to watch Virtual HorrorHound Film Fest this weekend, then visit HHW in person with the ticket this September 10-12th (or any future HHW event through 2023). 

If you have participated in the Virtual HorrorHound Film Festival in the past, we have a new feature we are excited about. Select films and shorts will be on-demand during the event – to be viewed at your leisure! This allows "attendees" to mix up their weekend plans during the live-stream. And for this bonus option, we have plenty of exclusive content. Check out the short and feature-length films that will be available all weekend long as part of the bonus on-demand option:

Bar Crawl:
"It's girls night out as a group of friends go out on a bar crawl. That is, until things get a little crazy halfway through the night." (Short)

Black Eyed Girl:
"A fiction writer experiences real life terror when he encounters one of the infamous black eyed children." (Short)

"Every day a lonely gamekeeper looking for his daughter's killer. One day he meets a wounded stranger on the shore who urgently needs to cross the river to see a doctor. The gamekeeper agrees The joint crossing unexpectedly turns into a disaster for both." (Short)

"How well can you ever truly know a ginger?" (Feature)

Do Demons Read Bedtime Stories?:
"The story of a boy and his haunted reading assignment." (Short)

"A writer trying to finish his screenplay finds himself wrapped up in a mystery that forces him to confront a dark secret." (Feature)

"When a vampire's child dies of old age after refusing to be turned, it drives his mother to extreme lengths to fill the void needed." (Short)

"Isabelle, a budding young photographer, faces rejection at every turn for her unorthodox style of photos. Carrying a dark secret of her own, she does whatever possible to succeed in her field, all the while preparing a new project that will change everything. Exhibition is a taut psychological thriller about the fear of failure, and the liberation of an artist." (Short)

Lily in the Maze:
"Will, a quiet introvert, deals with a change in his routine on the same day a woman from his past appears. His self-control is put to the test as he struggles to harness his instincts during a confrontation that ends in a surreal mirror maze." (Short)

"A local skate legend returns from out-of-state rehab to star in a documentary about his recovery, only to have the project derailed when a drug stash is uncovered in an old hangout spot." (Feature)

"A grieving mother holds onto her Catholic faith as her husband leaves to study and learn the secrets of an old New England cult. Secrets that the Catholic Church wants for their own use. Meanwhile the cult has deadly plans of their own." (Feature)

Snapper - the Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made:
"Snapper is about a big budget idea on a shoestring budget. When a group of indie filmmakers set out to make their own monster movie, they were unaware of how challenging the project would be. From fire stunts to the building of intricate animatronic beasts – Snapper tells the story of this unfinished film and the creative friendships that outlasted it." (Short)

The Music Box:
"A girl and her father move to America after experiencing a personal tragedy. They both cope in their own self destructive ways before being haunted by the one they lost." (Short)

What's Yours:
"A chef spends another late night doing inventory in her restaurant, but tonight turns out a little different when a strange man knocks at the back door." (Short)

Where Still Waters Lie:
"When a young couple find themselves drifting apart as the burdens of parenthood weigh on them, they leave gaps for more than just silence. Within the emotional distance they create, a healing weekend away morphs into a horror of mistrust and fear." (Short)

The Virtual HorrorHound Weekend will stream March 19-21st on – if you are a current HHW pass holder, you can participate in the festival for free(!!!) .... Tickets are available for purchase by visiting – and don't forget to check out our VIP merchandise package that comes with an all-new HH tee, glow-in-dark pin, and surprise autograph! 

In-person HHW conventions return to Cincinnati this September 10-12th!