We are very excited to reveal that the Animated Horror Hosts known as SCREAMING SOUP have worked with HorrorHound to develop a new hour-long short films block titled NOW WAIT A F*%ING MINUITE! This is a new concept for Virtual HorrorHound Weekend, and will take place on March 21st (3:45pm), as the lewd crew help us present some crazy short films, including Help, I Think My House is Haunted, Monster Encounters, The Next Room, Yummy, Blood Will Have Blood, Wheels of Doom, Better Than You, Job Interview From Hell, Robbed, Portrait of a Lady, Oh, Baby!, and Pick Up Artist! Stay for the whole block, as Screaming Soup pop in and out with funny skits and other surprises!

About Screaming Soup:
"Screaming Soup is an animated web series that follows the adventures of Deadwest, a horror host who reviews B-movies he thinks horror fans need to know about—and sometimes avoid. Joining him is his sidekick Billy, a lovable goat from hell, his ghostly girlfriend Mandy, and a delightfully dysfunctional gang of parody-style monsters. Currently in his 5th season, with 46 episodes and counting, Deadwest’s antics have ranged from big top bar brawls with evil clowns and quick draws with scarecrows to epic crossover specials with legendary B-movie companies like Full Moon Empire."

About Help:
"Help is the story of a lonely woman who downloads a self-help app looking for answers and is drawn into battle with her shadow self. Filmed and edited entirely in solo quarantine without outside assistance, this is an Ohio premiere."

About I Think My House is Haunted:
"Mike has a problem, there's been strange noises coming from around his house after dark, and he sets out to find out why. Using a camera, he records several incidents that lead him to believe his new home is haunted."

About Monster Encounters:
"Humans encounter various monsters, but each encounter has a consequence."

About The Next Room:
"Alone and in his own home, a man awakes to a strange sound coming from the next room."

About Yummy:
"When there's a knock at the door... think twice before opening it."

About Blood Will Have Blood:
"After committing an atrocious act of violence, a conflicted man comes to terms with his dark side."

About Wheels of Doom:

"A brutal predator prowls the backroads, hunting victims behind the wheel of a roaring muscle car, until an unexpected hero stands in his way."

About Better Than You:

"Piece by piece, something is replacing Dan, and no-one seems to be noticing. Now there’s only one thing left to be replaced: Dan himself."

About Job Interview From Hell:

"A girl finds herself trapped in a time loop during what she thought was just a normal job interview. Will she get out?"

About Robbed:

"Underestimate a person's survival instincts at your own risk."

About Portrait of a Lady:

"A jaded business associate brings home a portrait of a beautiful woman. Slowly seduced by its mysterious charm, he gets more than what he bargained for when the woman jumps out of the portrait and starts to terrify him."

About Oh, Baby!:
"When you go to the basement for pickles, beware of who you might meet."

About Pick Up Artist:
"A guy jogs at night listening to a "how-to-pick-up-girls" tutorial. Trying to improve his pick-up-game. Suddenly a girl appears right in front of him also jogging. Perfect moment to use the tips from the tutorial. If only the girl wasn't running away all the time...but wait...why is she running at all? "

The Virtual HorrorHound Weekend will stream March 19-21st on – if you are a current HHW pass holder, you can participate in the festival for free(!!!) .... Tickets are available for purchase by visiting – and don't forget to check out our VIP merchandise package that comes with an all-new HH tee, glow-in-dark pin, and surprise autograph! 

In-person HHW conventions return to Cincinnati this September 10-12th!