HorrorHound's Film Fest Travel Guide

HorrorHound's Film fest Travel Guide:

Roughly one year ago, HorrorHound's own JAY KAY wrote an epic, and long-planned, guide to the world of Film Festivals. What are the best horror-themed fests to visit? What are some of their cinematic history? Tips on where to eat, and other tidbits to prepare any horror aficionado for their first attempt at attending events such as Cinepocalypse, Etheria, or Fantasia. Originally printed in HorrorHound #82 (the Supernatural issue) , a crazy thing occurred as the issue was shipping ... the pandemic effectively shut down the entire film festival industry as we know it. As if that didn't hurt the issue's sizable article spotlight – the distribution of the issue was impacted by the pandemic, as comic and book stores were closed and mail was halted, making the issue incredibly hard (if not impossible) to locate at retail. HorrorHound's online store copies sold out, and anyone who missed out on this amazing article ... well. They simply missed out. In more ways than one. 

After the shenanigans that occurred, disrupting this article's intentions of spotlighting all these amazing film festivals and encouraging readers to plan a trip, we decided we would wait until Spring of 2021 to post the article online, for all to see, as we had expected the pandemic to be over by now, and film festivals to be a "thing" again. Sadly, most festivals are still grounded. That fact did not sway our intentions, however. With news of integral theaters closing or filing bankruptcy, the film industry is in dire need of attention. So we present this special "digital copy" of last year's Film Fest Guide. Each festival presented includes web site and social media notations - please seek these fests out and give them your support by shopping their web store, liking (and following) their social media pages, and supporting their Virtual Festivals (where applicable) ... because these festivals are important and we want to see as many of them return as possible. And so many have done a bang-up job transitioning to Virtual Festivals in the mean time, allowing film fans the chance to watch stunning cinema from the comfort (and safety) of their homes. 


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