Saturday, Dec 4 2021

HorrorHound Hot Sauce!?!

That's right! You can now order your own bottle of HorrorHound Hot Sauce! This bundle is available only for a limited time! CLICK HERE!

In preparation for this convention season, HorrorHound had commissioned a batch of HorrorHound's Habanero Hot Sauce ... but thanks to the pandemic messing up our plans, we came up with a clever way of distributing the stock we have. We have put together a special 30-day timed sale! During this time, we will be offering a bottle of our limited edition Habanero Hot Sauce along with a "Lil Red Devil" HorrorHound pin, the mascot of this sauce batch – and a matching Red Devil Hound red tee! How exclusive is this red-hot shirt? We will be printing shirts based on what is ordered during this 30 day sale! That's right – and this bundle will only be available to order for 30 days. Any leftover items will be available at a higher price - so save today and secure your HorrorHound Hot Sauce!

This is our first time attempting a timed presale, and we would love to offer more interesting (and LIMITED) merchandise bundle offerings – especially since we are unable to bring these amazing products to the fans directly via conventions. So hopefully everyone will get a kick out of this option – and pick up some of that saucy good stuff!