Thursday, Oct 6 2022

Virtual HorrorHound Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever Virtual HorrorHound Film Festival – taking place over five nights, May 20th-24th! This exciting new venture serves two grand purposes. Firstly, it offers fans of HorrorHound Weekend an opportunity to participate in a public event taking place during the week of what would have been our 30th HHW event to date – a fun way to still come together, with fellow horror fans, to celebrate the genre we all love! Secondly, this Virtual Film Festival gives fans from all over the world an opportunity to take part in a HorrorHound event – particularly fans who have never had the opportunity to experience the fun of attending HHW.

Starting 6pm (EST) on Wednesday, May 20th, the Virtual HorrorHound Film Festival will kick off with a night filled with new feature films and shorts that would have made up the lineup of the intended HorrorHound Film Festival. Programming will last past midnight, and include many surprises, including introductions by filmmakers, filmmaker panels and special looks back at past HorrorHound Weekend events. You can log-in using the barcode of your unused HorrorHound Weekend Event ticket (don't worry – using the ticket to login to the Virtual Film Festival will not affect your attending a future event); and watch the livestreaming Film Festival from any device (cell, computer, tablet, etc.). While the livestream is occurring, fans can also participate in our chat feature, and talk with one another while the movies are streaming – chat sessions in which the filmmakers will be participating in as well. Plus, we will have a live Watch Party option, where attendees can participate in live video chats during the films' livestreams.
On top of this, people who attend the Virtual Film Fest will have access to new HorrorHound merchandise – made available for the first time as part of this digital event. Merchandise drops include a brand-new HorrorHound Hoodie, bandana, and pins. We will be releasing (for the first time online) sticker packs and magnet packs, HorrorHound socks, patches, and other fun products. PLUS: This will mark the first time we will be selling specially produced convention merchandise – items which were created for “the show that never was" – March's HHW event. This includes our exclusive HorrorHound Magazine, event T-Shirt, and pin. A special bundle will be available first – and will include bonus materials (such as an exclusive tote bag ... we will even throw in random extras, such as badges from this would-be event (you may even find yourself with one of those coveted GUEST badges!). The festivities kick off Wednesday, May 20th, at 6pm – and will continue each night at the same time, through Sunday, May 24th. *Select convention merch will first be made available as part of a bundle pack; with remaining stock offered later during the ‘Fest.

If you purchased a ticket to HorrorHound Weekend – YOU'RE IN! All you must do to access this five-day Virtual Film Festival is pull up your ticket (the one you were emailed); and look for the 19-digit code under the barcode. When the time comes, you will be emailed a special viewing link (we will also be posting this link on and other social media sites prior to the event) – once you click on the link, you will be sent to a site that will prompt you to enter said code. Once the code is entered – you are set. The livestream will begin at the designated times. Please note – this is a LIVE streaming film festival, which means there is no "pause" functionality. So, make sure you have your popcorn ready! And once again, using your ticket code to gain admission to the virtual film fest will not impact your ticket's validity. Enjoy the film fest, then hold onto that ticket until the next HHW event!

Don't have a valid ticket to HorrorHound Weekend and still want to participate in the Virtual Film Festival? Easy – you can still head over to and purchase a ticket just for the HorrorHound Virtual Film Festival. The cost for the five-day event is $15 – once you have your ticket for the Fest, just follow the same login instructions detailed above (your code will be emailed to you). It is that easy!

A full schedule of films and shorts will be posted on the special screening link prior to the five-day event. As you look at the days listed on the schedule, you will notice the chat and watch party links for you and join. You have the options to sign-in to the chat through Facebook, Vimeo, or as a guest. Feel free to discuss the films with filmmakers and other viewers. Just do not spoil the movie if you have seen it already.

We know how important it is for everyone that frequents HorrorHound Weekend to socialize and have a good time – and we always do! That is why we are offering the HorrorHound Watch Party. Click on the HorrorHound Watch Party icon near the top of the page and have a great time seeing old friends or introducing yourselves to new ones. We are a welcoming and fun crowd, so do not be shy. Stick around after the livestream of the virtual festival and watch classic concerts from our HorrorHound Weekend events. If you have never attended, this is only a part of what you are missing. We look forward to having fun with you all in cyberspace!