HHW: Cincinnati Moved to 2021

In case you missed the announcement on HorrorHound's various social media networks – we have some updates regarding HorrorHound Weekend's Cincinnati event (including some additional materials not covered on our Facebook). While not a surprise – it is still a somber announcement that we has to make. We received confirmation that the Sharonville Convention Center will not be reopening in the foreseeable future – preventing our rescheduled May 22-24th event from occurring. We have all pretty much felt this was the inevitable conclusion, as over the last few weeks we have been awaiting any announcements from State officials lifting bans on mass gatherings (ironically, on May 1st, the Governor expanded stay-at-home orders through the month of May).

Unfortunately, the ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has left a shroud of mystery in regards to government regulations, leaving many of us at the mercy of the unknown with hope that when future procedures are released, we will have a clear path to getting back to doing what we all love the most. Until government officials announce rules and guidelines, we can only speculate and prepare to the best of our ability for how the convention industry will be reshaped in the future.

As for Cincinnati, while we made various attempts to secure new dates and locations for later in the year, due to the growing volume of conventions and events being upended and relocated, we were simply unable to secure a new date for Cincinnati's HorrorHound Weekend event until March 19-21, 2021. We are in the process of moving the entire guest list from the 2020 event to the 2021 dates, which appears to be a reasonable transition, having now spoken to most managers and/or guests. Some will be appearing in Indianapolis for our Sept 18-20th show (Robert Englund, John Kassir, Nevin Nash, & Scott Hall have all been confirmed as guests), but we are making efforts to host those same guests in Cincinnati 2021 as well – for those unable to make the Indiana-based show. As of today, we can confirm that some of the big names like Robert Englund AND Kevin Smith have confirmed their makeup appearances at HHW Cincinnati in 2021! As we proceed with our Indianapolis show plans, we will soon be launching the full website – as well as reveal additional celebrity guest bookings in the coming weeks. However, for more info about the 2020 Cincinnati show, please read on...

Any fan who booked a reservation at the Hyatt or the Sharonville Hotel (formerly Coco Key/Ramada) – you do NOT need to call the hotel to cancel. Reservations will be canceled automatically. For bookings made at other hotels (such as the LivInn or Fairfield), or bookings made through a travel agent or online booking platform such as Orbitz, Expedia .... please contact them directly to cancel your reservation and refer to their terms and conditions.

Celeb Photo Ops (CPO) is the photo op company that our photo ops were purchased through, and they are responsible for issuing refunds. All photo ops refunds will be processed within 30 days. There is no need to contact Celeb Photo Ops for refunds, they will happen automatically. *Throughout this process, we ask that you please do not dispute orders with your bank on any ops or ticket sales, as this will only further delay refunds from occurring.

We will be automatically refunding Kevin Smith event pre-orders. All Kevin Smith event refunds will be processed within 30 days. There is no need to contact HHW for refunds, they will happen automatically. *Throughout this process, we ask that you please do not dispute orders with your bank on any ops or ticket sales, as this will only further delay refunds from occurring. **Refunds processed minus processing fees.

For Vendor Table refund requests, please visit contact.horrorhound.com and fill out the provided form. Please note; if you wish to vend the 2021 Cincinnati event, please do not request a refund. Due to the massive number of vendor wait-list requests, we will be selling any refunded spaces to those on said-wait list and your refunded booth will not be re-offered to you at a later date. If a vendor would like to move their space to Indianapolis, please visit contact.horrorhound.com and fill out the provided form. Please note that you would like to move your booth to the Indianapolis date in the comment line.

The number one thing we would please request from fans – if possible – is to hold onto your ticket. You will be able to use the ticket for admission into any future HHW event for the next three years. This includes Indianapolis this September 18-20th, or the March 19-21, 2021 Cincinnati dates (which are set to have as close to the exact lineup as possible to the planned 2020 date – including Robert Englund AND Kevin Smith), as well as any events hosted in 2022 or 2023. The best reasons for holding onto the ticket? It obviously helps us move forward without having to deplete our funds during this difficult period – but for you, it means something else. Due to the lack of knowing what changes may occur regarding fire marshall and capacity codes – we may be facing the strong possibility that we will be limited to selling additional tickets for 2021's event. Seeing as how presale passes for 2000's Weekend/VIP/Saturday were already sold out – new ticket sales for Cinci 2021 will be extremely limited. We will keep an eye on how many tickets are used at our Indy event, mixed with refund requests that are issued, to determine if we will be able to pre-sell additional tickets to 2021's show. Furthermore, if pre-sale tickets can be made available for 2021's event, they will not be offered at early bird discount pricing. So if you purchased a ticket at early bird pricing, or have any interest in attending 2021's show, and are able to hold onto those tickets, we ask that you please do. They can be used for up to three years for any HHW event. ALSO – tickets can be transferred. Ticket holders have the ability to sell them or give them as gifts. 

If you wish to use your ticket for a later show, you do not have to do anything. Just hold onto that ticket and bring it with you to the show of your choosing. As for refunds – please read on. ...
Due to the climate of what's going on in the world, this is a very delicate situation for many businesses, including HorrorHound Weekend Ltd. ... due to the fact that we were one week prior to our March event before the Governor shut down all mass gatherings, the majority of our finances were tied into the show. Airlines don't refund flights. Merchandise for VIP tickets, souvenir products, programs, and other supplies can't be returned. But we will work with our customers to the best of our ability! If you require a refund for ticket(s) purchased (minus processing fee); please visit contact.horrorhound.com and submit the form provided. We will be collecting requests and working on solutions from there to assure everyone who requires a refund will receive one. We will require a little time to recoup the deposits and fees made towards various elements of this show can be pulled back in to help cover all requests (could take upwards of 8-12 weeks to process everyone), so please try and be patient with us as we WILL respond to everyone who submits a form. Once you have submitted the form, we will be replying with additional information, as well as additional options. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we traverse this process. *Throughout this process, we ask that you please do not dispute orders with your bank on any ops or ticket sales, as this will only further delay refunds from occurring. Please submit any requests for refunds no later than July 20th.

The big news we want to make sure everyone knows: Even though the May dates will not be occurring, that doesn't mean we won't be having fun that weekend. Anyone who purchased tickets for HHW: Cincinnati will receive a special email link to log-in the week of May 20-24th to check out a HorrorHound Virtual Film Festival, as we plan a screening schedule for the various movies and shorts that were planned to play at the HHW event. CLICK HERE for even more details. Look for a full list of films and times to be released via an upcoming email blast. We will also be making available to purchase the various pieces of merchandise that were produced for this March HHW event. This includes event t-shirts, souvenir magazines, pins, and even our event badges (including guest badges) which are never made available to the public). Holding onto your ticket will grant you access to all of these fun perks (tickets to the virtual Film Fest will be made available for sale for those who do not have tickets, otherwise). Special bundles and single-sale items will go live in the next couple weeks. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for the new www.HorrorHound.com, which will be launching with a slew of merchandise – including shirts, hoodies, pint glasses, and other memorabilia that has never been made available for sale via mail-order. Items like the HorrorHound Hot Sauce, and new clothing options will also be available. Stay tuned!

The health and safety of our attendees, staff, and volunteers is the utmost important thing for us. The HorrorHound team will continue to communicate with convention centers, event planning and tourism board members, vendors, managers, and volunteers to determine how potential future adjustments to the scene will play out. There are obvious considerations once we open the doors to the next HHW event, such as adding plenty of hand sanitation stations, masks and glove availability for staff, as well as suggested mask and sanitation guidelines for attendees. Not to mention adjusted event layouts to assure safe crowd control measures – these are all things we are looking into as time goes on. This Cincinnati event was set to be our 30th convention to date, and we are devastated that we won't be spending that time with our fellow horror fans. This community is like a family, and while we are all separated through this difficult time, our thoughts are with you all. Stay safe, and we hope to see you soon.