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HorrorHound Presents: Fact or Fiction Fest

HorrorHound Weekend is proud to present the first-ever FACT OR FICTION FEST!

Fact or Fiction Fest is a special "convention-within-a-convention" event which will be taking place over the weekend of September 6-8th 2019 at the Indiana Convention Center (100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225). Fact or Fiction Fest will be a part of HorrorHound Magazine’s long running HorrorHound Weekend event, the largest convention of its kind in the country!

HorrorHound’s new Fact or Fiction Fest event offers access to some of the top names in the fields of Cryptozoology, UFOlogy, True Crime, and the Paranormal. Hosting actual ghost investigation teams, powerful and talented mediums, extraterrestrial and serial killer experts, unidentified flying object witnesses as well as actual abductees, teams devoted to the investigation of sightings of what is best described as dogmen and local as well as country wide witnesses and researchers of the elusive Sasquatch/Bigfoot sharing current physical and audio evidence. Our goal with this event is to bridge the gap between fiction and what the majority of people call non-fiction.  If you are a hardcore horror movie and TV monster fan you owe it to yourself to explore the realm of “real life” monsters that are seen far more than are reported to officials. There are a multitude of creatures yet unproven by science that lurk in the quiet murky places we dare not visit after the sun goes down. There are far too many sightings of objects in the sky and experiences with extraterrestrials happening to very credible people to dismiss the mass numbers of reports.  And as the main stream acceptance of beings from other worlds escalates it’s just a matter of time before the entire population of earth learns we are not alone.  

An attendee can get the most recent information at Fact or Fiction Fest as well as speak with people that have had some of these actual experiences themselves. And for those that love the movies in the paranormal genre what better way to confirm your beliefs in ghosts and entities than to speak with those that provide a service to people having haunting/unexplained issues within their own homes. These real life accounts and actions taken by these dedicated people to help those in need and/or proving the existence of any paranormal, alien or unproven creatures can all be found at Fact or Fiction Fest.

As for guests? How about Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens and In Search of Aliens fame. Bob Gimlin (the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film) will be making his last major convention appearance at FoFF. Travis Walton, the writer of The Walton Experience and the basis of the 1993 film Fire in the Sky will be in attendance. Lyle Blackburn (Monsters & Mysteries in America), Filmmaker and Author John Borowski, Sasquatch and Paranormal Researcher David Bakara, artist Claudio Bergamin, and so many others ... to see the list (which is consistently growing), visit www.factorfictionfest.com.

Panels and presentations exclusive to Fact or Fiction Fest guests will be occurring all three days as convention goers will have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about very recent events as well as experience in person presented evidence by some of the most famous and knowledgeable researchers in their fields today. These panels will take place in a special Fact or Fiction Fest panel room at the event all day and all weekend. The personal aspect of also being able to talk, shake the hands and get a photo with these awesome guests and attendees makes Fact or Fiction Fest a wonderful family oriented event. (CAUTION:  Some of the newer evidence you see or hear in the panel room may be a bit strong for the younger fans in attendance). If you are a fan of all things Paranormal/Aliens/Bigfoot and other Cryptid Creatures, attending will be a fun and enlightening experience. If you are a fan of horror movie, TV monsters and true crime we are certain you will enjoy this event exploring the unexplained monsters (and real human monsters) that may or may not be out there? By attending you can weigh the evidence and decide for yourself what is Fact or Fiction?

Playing host to some of the most popular and famous movie and TV celebrities, villains, and movie monsters from the past and present, this massive event features speaking panels, film/TV cast Q&As, a weekend-long Film Festival, gaming room, an escape room, a massive dealer room (featuring over 200 stunning horror vendors, artists, authors, filmmakers, and more), plus celebrity signing and photo ops! Special props and actual vehicles from horror history will be on display (such as Christine herself!). And what makes this Indianapolis HorrorHound event really stand out is the inclusion of Mask Fest, a 35,000 square foot ballroom that boasts some of the most amazing Halloween, Haunt, and FX Industry vendors and artists. It's an entirely original convention that's happening INSIDE another convention!

HorrorHound Weekend is an amazing gathering to experience and/or be a part of. But whether it's HorrorHound Weekend, the HorrorHound Film Festival, Mask Fest, or Fact of Fiction Fest ... the best news is – you can join the fun by purchasing ONE ticket to HorrorHound Weekend and gain access to ALL THREE special convention ballrooms ... all under one roof ... at the HUGE Indian Convention Center located in downtown Indianapolis! That’s right; purchasing one ticket gets you into all three events! (HorrorHound Weekend, Mask Fest, and Fact or Fiction Fest). All being held on the weekend of September 6-8, 2019. To purchase a ticket to Fact or Fiction Fest, Mask Fest, AND HorrorHound Weekend, visit www.horrorhoundweekend.com and click on Tickets.  

*HorrorHound Weekend events play host to over a hundred dealers and vendors with 20,000+ attendees visiting the event over the course of the weekend. If you are interested in being a vendor at Fact or Fiction Fest it is an excellent opportunity to reach a large number of like-minded vendors and visitors. Contact us for more information by emailing us at factorfictionfest@gmail.com. Check out our list of current vendors and guests by visiting the Fact or Fiction Fest Web site. To secure your tickets to Fact or Fiction Fest, just purchase your tickets to HorrorHound Weekend. Admission into both events is included. Also be sure to check and like our Fact or Fiction Fest Facebook page for the latest updates, guest and vendor announcements.

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