Saturday, Dec 4 2021

The Curse of Lilith Ratchet

 Events take a turn for the worst after friends Alice (KateLynn Newberry, Dark Iris) and Lauren (Brianna Burke, The Last Summer) find     an antique box containing a shrunken head.  Anxious to find out the history and potential value, the two turn to the local paranormal expert   Hunter Perry (Rob Jaeger) hoping he can help.  In true capitalist fashion, Hunter low-balls the girls and uses the folktale of the shrunken head   to spear a much needed ratings boost for his podcast "Behind the Veil".  He plans to release the contents of box to the public during a live   event on Halloween- a decision that will set off a tragic chain of events for Alice, Lauren and Hunter.

 As the story progressed I found myself wanting to see way more Lilith Ratchet.  Even though we get some of her backstory, it felt incomplete   in relation to her actions.  As much havoc and terror as she wrecked, I wanted more.  When Lilith is onscreen she is creepy and engaging-   those eyes will stay with you.  The physicality and body mechanics displayed by actress Crissy Kolarik are intimidating and uncomfortable.   There is a scene  where Lilith embodies a medium and that entire exchange is scary and the timing of both actresses was perfect.

The Curse of Lilith Ratchet is writer/director Eddie Lengyel's fifth feature and it's evident that his skill gets better with each release.  Aesthetically the film looks amazing.  Good cinematography, great locales, high production value and good special effects.  This is a strong cast and features some of Ohio's top talent- Roger Conners, Lauren Paulis and Debbie Scaletta. 

The film hits VOD on Tuesday, July 9th- so look out for Ratchet Hatchet.