Thursday, Sep 16 2021

AHS 1984 Announced

Ryan Murphy announced the title of the upcoming season of American Horror Story on his Instagram page this morning ... AHS 1984.

From the teaser, it seems like AHS is going the way of the slasher... and they've conjured multiple tropes with their killer. The pretty blonde being chased through the woods and hiding in a cabin (Jason Voorhees) being chased by a man in a leather apron (Leatherface) and wielding a butcher knife (Michael Meyers). It's too bad the music didn't fit the 80s theme. (Perhaps I Ran from Flock of Seagulls?)

Over the last few years, the 80s is becoming a very popular theme (Turbo KidStranger Things, Ready Player One, Summer of 84). FX is throwing their hat into the retro-ring. Let's  TOTALLY hope for the best! 

Is it just us ... or ... does their logo seem familiar?

Check out Ryan Murphy's Instagram post below: