HHW Moves to Indianapolis Convention Center

We are thrilled to announce details surrounding HorrorHound Weekend's 2019 Indianapolis Convention!

Many months ago we revealed the dates for our Fall 2019 event as September 6-8th, 2019, but without further information (such as location). Ever since, there has been a lot of waiting and speculation as to what has been going on ... and we can finally put to rest those concerns. HorrorHound Weekend WILL be returning to Indianapolis over the weekend of September 6th through 8th ... and we will indeed be housed in a NEW location. And everything is getting LARGER!

We are beyond excited to announce that HorrorHound Weekend is moving to the Indianapolis Convention Center! Located just across the street from last year's hotel locale, the Indianapolis Convention Center gives HorrorHound Weekend amazing growth potential – it's almost mind-numbing to consider the possibilities!

To start with .... the HorrorHound Weekend vendor room (which started out at 11,000 square feet at our prior home in the East side) has expanded to a whopping 75,000 square foot ballroom space! That's over triple the size of our old stomping grounds (and over twice as large as last year's vendor room). Furthermore – you can expect the return of Mask-Fest, and again, instead of a 5,000 square foot ballroom (at our classic location), this new event space allows for a stunning 10,000-plus square foot ballroom - JUST FOR MASK-FEST!!! (And yes, Mask-Fest will be housed in its own separate ballroom – returning it to its show-within-a-show setting.) Our new location also allows for expanded space for the HorrorHound Film Festival and our Q&A room – as well as additional meetings space, which will allow for our largest HorrorHound Weekend event to date (expect classes and tutorials to be among our added scheduled events). We are even hosting an all-new event as part of HHW this year: "Fact or Fiction Festival" – a tribute to Cryptozoology, Aliens, and Paranormal. Think "X-Files," but for horror nerds! As part of this special addition, the legendary Bob Gimlin (Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot) will be making his final convention appearance ever! We are very excited about this new element of HHW and cannot wait to reveal more details! The best part is – our entire event will take place in one floor of the convention center, located off the central "S Capital Ave" entrance (right across from Georgia Street!). No confusing multi-level ballrooms. Just one giant event – one central entrance – easy to manage and enjoy! 

Oh yeah. And once the show ends? The party moves across the street to one of our host hotels – where we will be offering after-hour film festival screenings (well past midnight) as well as our Night Terrors concert and activities, extra nightly events (we are working on some cool ideas and concepts), and our Horrors of Cosplay costume contest – all of which will take over an entire hotel, assuring the after-hour experience you've come to expect and enjoy with HorrorHound Weekend.

So now for all those questions ... When will tickets go on sale? A few weeks after HHW Cincinnati completes. We will promote said-sale heavily on www.facebook.com/horrorhoundweekend. When will vendor tables go on sale? All vendors attending HHW in Cincinnati will get first shot at space, the week following our March event. After that, anyone on our mailing list will receive a link to order vendor space within a couple weeks after our Cincinnati event concludes. When will discount blocked hotel rooms go on sale? Right around the same time tickets go on sale! Keep an eye on the HorrorHound Facebook page for all the news and updates. But we can confirm, for this year's event, we have firmed up a group block starting at a more price-friendly $139 nightly rate(!).

And now – maybe the biggest question. Who will be the GUESTS? ... We are working hard at securing celebrity guests for this show,  and man, do we have some stunning names already in the works! We have some guests from modern film and television work already lined up. As well as actors and directors from classic horror – names genre fans have been begging for! All in all, we hope to present what will eventually be recognized as our largest event to date. We look forward to the possibility of seeing all of our amazing attendees at HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis this September 6-8th, 2019! We truly hope to see everyone there!