Thursday, Sep 16 2021

Child's Play Remake Trailer is Unleashed

The official trailer for the upcoming Orion Pictures-produced remake of Child's Play has officially hit the interwebs ... and to mostly surprise ... it looks pretty damned good. The preview shows off some chaotic and violent possibilities that lends one to believe the studio is really going to amp up the body count this go-round. The reimagining revolves around a modern-day "smart" doll that goes on a kill-spree. Not too many additional details have been revealed (will the doll be possessed by a voodoo-using serial killer? It seems that outcome is showed in secrecy), but we know the "Good Guy Doll" has been replaced with the Buddi Doll, and the cast includes Aubrey Plaza (Life After Beth), and Gabriel Bateman (some horror fans may recognize him as the star of the (amazing) Jason Voorhees-inspired "A New Beginning" music video from Wolfie's Just Fine. The film is directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid, The Wall) and is expected to hit theaters on June 21st. Check out the official trailer below: