Tuesday, Aug 9 2022

'Medusa Underground Film Festival'


the art of the female filmmaker, the Medusa Underground Film Festival will showcase
two features including the Vegas Premiere of Re-agitator: Revenge of the
plus over 50 short films selected from 11 countries that honor
underground filmmaking art from creators like Emma Dark, Tristan Risk, Sophia
Cacciola, Brooke Candy, Nicole Goode, Toy Lei, Dionne Copeland, Tonja Atomic
and more January 12th & 13th 2019!

“It is unbelievable how much talent
is out there. We have received so many entries from women all around the world;
from countries I didn’t even know women had the resources to create art like
this. I am so excited to bring everyone together and show people what female
filmmakers are up to.” – Medusa Underground Film Festival Founder Heidi Moore

November 12th, Las Vegas, NV –
The first annual Medusa Underground Film Festival brings together more than 50 short films to
showcase the women changing the filmmaking landscape around the world! Taking
place at the Las Vegas based Artisan Hotel Boutique
(Artisanhotel.com), the Medusa Underground Film Festival will feature such
events as a huge filmmakers panel Q&A, workshops, a special guest of honor (TBA),
after parties, activities, networking, an awards ceremony, two feature films
(closing night feature TBA), and multiple blocks of short films showcasing the
different sides of underground filmmaking.

Happening on Saturday, January 12th and 13th,
the annual Medusa Underground Film Festival will fill the void of underground
cinema hungered for by fans with some of the brightest female filmmakers out
there. As part of this first wave of programming for the annual Medusa Underground Film Festival, the festival welcomes entries from award winning
and critically acclaimed storytellers like 19 time award winning director and
producer Sophia Cacciola, Soska Sister muse and actress Tristan Risk, Etheria
Film Night selected filmmaker Toy Lei, acclaimed and award winning Czech
Republic filmmaker Nicole Goode, genre filmmaking mastermind Dionne Copland, UK
actress and filmmaker Emma Dark, rapper and musician Brooke Candy 
plus more!

The Medusa Underground Film Festival is created by Dolly
filmmaker and head of Wretched Pictures Heidi Moore, the
annual Las Vegas underground film festival will serve as a platform for women creating
film and stories that are hard to classify but need to be seen by fans. Moore
understands this better than anyone with her genre bending, underground cult
film Dolly Deadly and the up and coming follow up Kill Dolly Kill which
will blend horror, underground, and musical elements.

a filmmaker myself, I am organizing this film festival in a way that honors the
creators. A lot of times filmmaking feels like a thankless job, and I want to
make sure we’re showing the creators that their contribution to the art
community is important and appreciated.” – Medusa Underground Film Festival
Founder Heidi Moore

“Medusa Underground Film Festival” will feature a diverse filmmakers Q&A
with the attending filmmakers (roster TBA) as well as after hours parties,
networking, and workshops to open up a dialogue and educate those attending.
The festival will have both an opening and closing night feature. As the
opening night feature, the “Medusa Underground Film Festival” welcomes the 2017
cult comedy/horror hybrid Re-agitator: Revenge of the Parody directed
by Dylan Greenberg. This feature will sandwich the festival with a special
mystery film to be screened before the awards ceremony Sunday January 13th.
The features will be part of film trailers and 15 short film blocks presenting
the fluid of underground and genre short form storytelling including blocks
like the Erotic, Head Space, Out of This
World, Comedy, Self-Loving, Science Fiction
, and more.

The first wave of short films and
trailers announced includes:

Alice After Wonderland
Directed by Andrea Guerrero (Mexico)

Department of Reincarnation
- Directed by Sophia Cacciola (United States)

Haxx Deadroom
- Directed by Dionne Copland (Canada)

I love You
- Directed by Brooke Candy (United States)

Isolated Crows of Solitude
- Directed by Sahar Soleimani (Iran)

Lovesick -
Directed by Cassandra Sechler (United States)

Make Out Party
Directed by Emily Esperanza (United States)

- Directed by Manon Gaurin (France)

My Angel's Home
- Directed by Toy Lei (United States)

Parlor Tricks
- Directed by Tristan Risk (Canada)

Plain Devil
(Trailer) - Directed by Tonja Atomic (United States)

Salient Minus Ten
- Directed by Emma Dark (United Kingdom)

- Directed by Nicole Goode (Czech Republic)

The Apocalypse Will Be Animated
- Directed by Melanie Killingsworth (Australia)

What's Inside Pandora's Talk Box
(Pilot) - Directed by Lindsay Denniberg (United States)

films often face the issue of not falling into a category which can make them
hard to promote or do anything with really. At the Medusa Film Fest, we are
here to put these movies on blast. They need to be seen and they will!”

Medusa Underground Film Festival Founder Heidi Moore

This event of female
underground filmmaking is sponsored and supported by 15 Second Horror Film Challenge,
Wretched Productions, Troma Now Party Tours Las Vegas, Moon Cat Crafts, MPZ,
Occvlta Dama, Piecing Together, and Horror Happens Radio.
There will be
more announced over the next six weeks including after hours events, additional
programming, accepted short films, jury announcements, huge special guests,
attending filmmakers, venue news, and more. Until then, head over to MedusaUndergroundFilmFestival.com. Any
questions or interview requests for Festival
Director Heidi Moore
, please reach out to PR Director Jay Kay at medusauff@gmail.com.