Sunday, Aug 7 2022

October Movie Screening Challenge 2018

It's Back ... Once again, as we approach the haunting month of October, HorrorHound has been hard at work to produce our annual month-long movie challenge! For the fourth year in a row, we present a screening guide for how to plan out your spooky season! The challenge is simple: you to watch one horror film each day of October featuring the following plot devices, characters, or particulars .... what film you watch is up to you, as long as it involves the following each day:

October 1: Watch something from the year you were born.
October 2: It's Bud Abbott's birthday. Watch a monster-themed Abbott & Costello film.
October 3: It's Virus Appreciation Day. Watch a virus-based horror movie!
October 4: We still remember: Watch a movie directed by either Tobe Hooper. Wes Craven, or George Romero.
October 5: Watch a movie that somehow involves food!
October 6: Pick a horror movie poster that's hanging on your wall - and watch that!
October 7: Watch a movie that features a horror icon.
October 8: It's R.L. Stine's birthday. Watch a kid-based horror film!
October 9: Watch a music-based horror film.
October 10: Watch a horror movie remake.
October 11: Let someone else pick the horror film you watch today!
October 12: Watch a religious-based horror film.
October 13: Watch a film that you've never seen before.
October 14: Pick out a movie from this year (2018) to watch!
October 15: Watch a British horror film.
October 16: Watch any horror film on Netflix.*
October 17: Dust off an old DVD from your collection and give it a spin. 
October 18: Watch a Blumhouse horror film.
October 19: Halloween hits theaters! Watch a Halloween film!
October 20: It's Bela Lugosi's birthday. Watch a classic Lugosi film.
October 21: Watch a movie from the 1990s.
October 22:  R.I.P. Jack Ketchum. Watch a film based on Ketchum's work.
October 23: It's Weird Al's birthday ... so, why not watch a horror spoof?
October 24: Watch a made-for-TV horror film.
October 25: Watch something Asian.
October 26: It's "Frankenstein Friday!" Watch a movie featuring Frankenstein's monster.
October 27: Watch any horror film on Shudder.*
October 28: Watch a horror film that has features punks.
October 29: Watch a movie that features under-water terrors.
October 30: Watch a Stephen King horror movie.
October 31: Simply watch Trick r Treat ... Happy Halloween!

This year we brought back a couple of our favorite picks ... but we also have a few oddball ones. Have fun with the list. *If you do not have the streaming services above – then watch a horror movie that features technology.