Monday, Nov 29 2021

Re-Animator Toys Comes to Life

News from Licensing.Biz has revealed that the 1980s splatter horror classic, Re-Animator, has just aligned themselves with Creative Licensing as its new merchandising licensing company – which will now handle all merchandising aspects of the Jeffrey Combs-starring horror franchise. As part of this news, it was revealed that the first company to strike a deal to produce new product based on the mad scientist-run-amok? NECA Toys! 

Randy Falk, director of product development for NECA, said in the announcement: “I have been a longtime fan of Re-Animator and know that there are lots of comedy sci-fi collectors waiting for new Re-Animator figures. It will be a perfect addition to NECA’s line.”

While no word on what type of products NECA has in store for us, one can assume the popular 8" retro (MEGO-esque) clothed style of figures are sure to be in the works. With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, it will be interesting to see what (if anything) is revealed. HorrorHound will be on-hand at the SDCC posting news and updates from the show – so keep an eye on for any developments!