HorrorHound Film Fest - Summer of '84

The HorrorHound Film Fest (#h2f2) is proud to kick off it's schedule announcements for its next event with a highly anticipated title from Gunpowder & Sky.

Summer of '84, from RKSS (Turbo Kid), is a trip down 80s memory lane. Remember when movies were made about a group of kids who did something exceptionally cool in the face of killer odds? The Monster Squad, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Stand by Me, etc. Everything about these movies was cool ... the music, the BMX bikes, the dorky guys and the cute girls next door. Summer of '84 doesn't fail to deliver ... in fact, it takes it to the next level, bringing the best of the 80s into the current style of horror story telling.

When preteen boys begin going missing in a small town, everyone is cautious and aware. But, when the bodies of the boys start being discovered, the realization that a serial killer is among them causes a terrified panic. A group of teenage boys have discovered who they believe is the killer. But, can they get the undeniable evidence they need to turn him in before they become the next victims? We know how every good 80s movies end, don't we? There's only one problem ... we aren't in the 80s anymore.

Summer of '84 will be screening among the amazing titles being presented in the HorrorHound Film Fest, as part of HorrorHound Weekend, August 24 - 26, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Information on location, events, and tickets can be found at www.horrorhoundweekend.com.