Sunday, Aug 7 2022

The Walking Dead Season 9 Poster Reveal

The Walking Dead's key art for season 9 is here ahead of it's appearance at San Deigo Comi-Con.  This art though is very telling of where we find the new season and some major changes happening.

First, there's the capital building in the background looking the worse for wear.  That shows things aren't great in DC but it also shows us the series is moving locales at some point.  There's also the mysterious helicopter very much on display on the left.  Another telling sign that times have changed is Maggie and Rick's hair.  Rick's got the shortest hair we've seen on him and Maggie's the longest.  This another gauge of time has moved forward.  

The comics didn't focus that much on DC so it's interesting to see that so predominate here.  The new line of comics has a lot to do with the state of Ohio though, so could it be the series has switched locations or is this just being used for an effectively stunning art pic?  We'll find out once the trailer hits during San Diego Comicon this month.

What do you guys think?  The Walking Dead returns this October on AMC.