Tuesday, Aug 3 2021

Bodysnatch - Now Available

From the creator of Final Destination comes a new sci-fi/thriller, Bodysnatch, starring Reese Mishler (The Gallows), Sarah Davenport (Stitchers) and Paul Woolfolk (Joyful Noise). The film follows three college graduates who go for a ride-along with an Indianapolis police officer and uncover an alien invasion that threatens the city and the world.  The film screened at the HorrorHound Film Fest under the title The Shift


Sarah Davenport, Paul Woolfolk, and Reese Mishler (left to right) in Bodysnatcher

The film was produced by Final Destination creator, Jeffrey Reddick, along with Indianapolis natives, Justin Kornmann and Gregory Ballard (the latter who wrote the script). The entire production was a true homegrown movie. The film was shot in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas and features appearances by WishTv’s Phil Sanchez, Brooke Martin and Howard Monroe. Christopher Wilburn, a real life police officer, co-stars as Marcus, the funny, and crass officer who takes the characters on the ride-along. The entire production was proud to shoot the film in Indianapolis and the production decided to have real life police officers play all of the cop characters in the film.  

As longtime supporters of the brave men and women who serve and protect us, the producers of Bodysnatch are donating a portion of their profits to two non-profit organizations: Indianapolis Public Safety Foundation and Concerns of Police Survivors, (C.O.P.S.). 

The film is now available from Gravitas on multiple VOD platforms including: iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vimeo, Cox cable, Comcast cable, Dishtv, and Verizon among others.

Check out the trailer for Bodysnatch: