HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival Schedule

We are excited to announce the schedule for our HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival (#H2F2) set to take place at HHW Cincinnati this March 23-25th. This will be our biggest Film Fest to date – with two stacked film rooms located at the connecting Hyatt hotel (which is connected to the Sharonville Convention Center) – as well as the traditional screening room at the Ramada hotel (right across the street from the Sharonville Convention Center). To partake in these various early and premiere screenings, all you need is a pass to HorrorHound Weekend! Order yours at www.horrorhoundweekend.com today! Please note that some film screening times are still subject to alterations and films are always subject to changes. FEATURE FILMS IN BOLD:

The IFC FILMS Screening Room 1 of 2 (located at the Hyatt Place Cincinnati):

• Friday: 4pm | Greetings from Tromaville (w/Lloyd Kaufman intro)

• Friday: 5pm | Justice Served (Short Film) | Spell Claire (Short Film) | Lowlife (IFC Films)

• Friday: 8pm | Wildling (IFC Films, with Brad Dourif intro)

• Saturday: 10am | Spooksbury (Short Film from Canada) | Macabre Manor (Short Film) | Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol 2 (w/Lloyd Kaufman intro)

• Saturday: 12pm | Quiver (Short Film) | It Began Without Warning (Short Film) | The Child Remains (from Canada)

• Saturday: 2pm | Sound from the Deep (Short Film from Finland) | Pyewacket (IFC Films)

• Saturday: 4pm | Nite Owl Theatre Presents: The Warriors (w/James Remar intro)

• Saturday: 6pm | HorrorHound Film Fest Awards Ceremony

• Sunday: 1pm | The Flatwoods Monster

• Sunday: 3pm | International Short Film Block featuring: Holy F_ck (UK), The Servant (Iran), Save (Germany), US Butcher (Russia), Alfred J Hemlock (Australia), The Rage (UK), Neck and Neck (UK), An American Attorney in London (UK), Fricozoid (Italy), The Appointment (Mexico), Something in the Dark (Spain)

The H2F2 Screening Room 2 of 2 (located at the Ramada Hotel):

• Friday: 4pm | Corpse Pose (Short Film) | Cold Ground (France)

• Friday: 6pm | Page One (Short Film) | Susie's Beast (Short Film) | Black Wake

• Friday: 8pm | The Manual (Short Film) | The Hatred

• Friday: 10pm | Dead Cool (Short Film from UK) | Blood Shed (Short Film from UK) | Bong of the Living Dead

• Friday: 12am | We Summoned a Demon (Short Film) | Abnormal Attraction 

• Saturday: 10am | What Metal Girls are Into (Short Film) | Dark of the Night (Short Film) | She's So Pretty 2: Be Good for Goodness Sake

• Saturday: 12pm | So She Might Live (Short Film) | Jax in Love (Short Film) | All Light Will End

• Saturday: 2pm | Scopaethesia (Short Film) | The Basement

• Saturday: 4pm | Beyond Repair (Short Film) | I Baked Him a Cake (Short Film) | The Theta Girl

• Saturday: 6pm |  tEXt (Short Film) | Fly Away (Short Film) | Director's Cut (Epic/Dread Central)

• Saturday: 8pm | Entropia (Short Film) | I Make Corpses (Short Film from Canada) | Terrifier (Epic/Dread Central)

• Saturday: 10pm | Compulsion (Short Film) | Anomaly X (Short Film) | The Miranda Murders

• Saturday: 12am | The Sewing Circle (Short Film) | Sulphur for Leviathan (Short Film from Austria) | Flesh of the Void (Australia)

• Sunday: 1pm | Montrak (Germany)

HorrorHound Weekend takes place March 23-25th at the Sharonville Convention Center. Order your tickets at www.horrorhoundweekend.com today!