Thursday, Sep 16 2021

HorrorHound Film Fest: She Was So Pretty 2

The HorrorHound Film Fest (#h2f2) is happy to announce the screening of a sequel to a film that got a lot of festival attention in 2016. She Was So Pretty 2: Be Good for Goodness Sake is the follow-up project by Brooklyn Ewing to her film She Was So Pretty.

SHE WAS SO PRETTY 2 picks up a few moths after the end of the first film. Alfred James Ellis III is back for more blood ... but, this time, he has a partner who is an unlikely character from the first film. The holidays may be over, but murder is always in season!

The HorrorHound Film Feat is part of HorrorHound Weekend, March 23-25, 2018, in Cincinnati, Ohio.