Saturday, Jun 12 2021

HorrorHound Film Fest: Montrak

Another early announcement from the HorrorHound Film Fest (H2F2) for their upcoming event, March 23-25, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio, as part of HorrorHound Weekend (the largest horror-specific convention in the U.S.), comes from Germany.  MONTRAK (from director, Stefan Schwenk) is a stylized, modern telling of the vampire-origin story.  Hip, bloody, fun ... this is one NOT to miss!.

More and more people disappear in Germany. Behind these mysterious
cases aren't supposed wolf attacks, but rather vampires whose origin is
the middle ages. MONTRAK (Sönke Möhring), a former burgrave, becomes a vampire through
a cursed ring of Lucifer. As he gets hunted, he chooses to die to let
the myth of vampires disappear. But, MONTRAK's heirs (Adam Jaskolka, Florian Freiberger) secretly
create a new master, who shall destroy the country with his army.
Only a small group of people (Dustin Semmelrogge, Ralph Stieber) get in
their way.