Tuesday, Aug 9 2022

HorrorHound Film Fest: Sound from the Deep

The HorrorHound Film Fest (#H2F2) is always excited to screen the best in indie horror films from around the world.  We are very excited to start making our annual announcements in regard to this upcoming festival – which kicks off with a screening of an amazing short film from Finland called SOUND FROM THE DEEP. An international research group is searching natural resources from the
Arctic Ocean. They pick up a strange underwater sound from far north,
and start to follow it to the uncharted waters. SOUND FROM THE DEEP goes where most indie horror dares not go, to the bottom of the ocean.  Inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

The HorrorHound Film Fest (#H2F2) will screen films during HorrorHound Weekend, March 23-25, 2018 in Cincinnati, Oho.  For tickets and other information go to www.horrorhoundweekend.com. 

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