Tuesday, Dec 1 2020

HHW Columbus to Screen a Weekend of Fritz

HorrorHound Weekend, Columbus, Ohio, November 3-5, 2017, will commemorate the retirement of the local horror host legend, Fritz the Nite Owl, by screening episodes of Nite Owl Theatre non-stop from Friday at 4:00pm to 5:00pm on Sunday. These episodes will be screening on the CCTV channel at the Crown Plaza Columbus North. Nite Owl Theatre episodes will also be screened as part of the Event Schedule in the Panel/Screening Room. Be sure to check out these hosted horror nuggets presented by one of the only Emmy award-winning horror hosts, ever.

Screening Room Schedule:

Friday 5:00pm - Fright Night

Saturday 1:00pm - Gremlins; 8:30pm - FIrtz the Nite Owl Retirement Celebration, including a screening of Krampus

Sunday 11:00am - Trick r' Treat

CCTV Schedule:


04:00pm - Trick 'r Treat

05:55pm - Jaws

08:15pm - The Shining

10:55pm - Halloween


12:55am - The Lost Boys

02:50am - Friday The 13th

04:45am - Alien

07:05am - Killer Klowns From Outer Space

08:45am - Beetlejuice

10:35am - A Nightmare On Elm Street

12:25pm - Ghostbusters

02:30pm - Re-Animator

04:35pm - Psycho

06:45pm - Twilight Zone The Movie

08:45pm - Sleepwalkers

10:30pm - Fright Night


12:40am - Scream

01:50am - Nite Owl Theatre… Then & Now (Daylight Savings break)

02:50am - Little Shop Of Horrors

04:55am - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

07:00am - The Monster Squad

08:45am - The Warriors

10:40am - From Dusk Till Dawn

12:50pm - The Blob

02:45pm - The Goonies

END TIME - 05:00pm