Tuesday, Dec 1 2020

Horrible Kids Series 2

Like most children of the '80s , I am a big fan of the Garbage Pail Kids, the gross-out Cabbage Patch Kids parody featuring cartoonish children in all sorts of outlandish (and gross) situations. New Garbage Pail Kids sets have been released by Topps on a regular basis leading to a new-found popularity and collectability with fans new and old.

Mark Pingitore, a former Garbage Pail Kids artist, is releasing his creator-owned horror-themed set, Horrible Kids. The second series features 18 new cards with nine different characters based off many of your horror movies. This set will include parodies of The Lost Boys, Predator, and Re-Animator. Don't wait too long to snatch up this limited set. Only 100 sets will be produced.

If trading cards aren't really your thing or you missed out on some of the awesome characters included in the first set, be sure to check out the Horrible Kids enamel pin collection as well.

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