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We are thrilled to reveal the next guest scheduled to appear at HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis – September 8-10th – at the Marriott Conference Center @ Indy Marriott East ... JULIET LANDAU!

Juliet Landau (actress, director, producer) co-starred in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, and starred opposite Whoopi Goldberg in Theodore Rex. She created the role of Drusilla on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, appearing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel over the course of six seasons.

Juliet directed the documentary Take Flight about, and for, Gary Oldman, and co-directed Dream Out Loud, which features interviews with Guillermo del Toro, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rian Johnson. She is currently immersed in co-directing two feature length documentaries about the vampire phenomenon. A Place Among the Dead covers crime, reality: when people take the fantasy of vampirism too far. A Place Among the Undead covers every aspect of vampires in myth and pop culture: movies, TV, art, literature, comics, music, video games and young adult literature.

Ms. Landau has starred in over 20 films. She is currently starring in Where The Road Runs Out on Netflix. She has guest starred repeatedly on television and done extensive voiceover work in features, television and video games. Her voiceover work includes Justice League(Features and TV series), Green Lantern (Feature and TV series), Thundercats, Ben10: Omniverse, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Bioshock 1 & 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. She has garnered outstanding reviews and awards for her work in the theater every time out. Some of her favorite leading roles include Roberta in Danny and The Deep Blue Sea, Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire and Hennie in Awake and Sing!

Landau co-wrote two issues of the Angel comic book for IDW. She and her husband, Deverill Weekes are now penning the companion coffee table book to A Place Among the Undead called Book of the Undead. This will be Juliet's first-ever HorrorHound Weekend appearance – where she will be appearing alongside her Buffy/Angel co-star, the already-announced James Marsters.

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Scott Audetat 8 days ago

I would assume a duo op is a given??

T.j. Supinger 8 days ago

Horrorhound Weekend this is amazing! Have you tried Anthony Stewart Head? He is doing a con with James in Toronto the week before. Maybe he will make the trip down too! More Buffy please!!

Sebastian Crow 8 days ago

Now just add Anthony Head and you'll have the trifecta of my favorite Buffy characters.

Shannon Eck 8 days ago


Whitney Quint 8 days ago

PLEASE keep up with the Buffy Cast!!! I am beyond pumped about this Horrorhound Weekend!

Danielle Harris 7 days ago

Omg!!! I'm so damn excited!! I can't wait to freaking meet you!!

Zoe English 8 days ago

Earl English she voiced the little sisters in bioshock

Jenn Sylvester 8 days ago


Taylor Mullins 8 days ago

Genna Mullins Skinner is going to be there too

Wicca Shelby Walton 6 days ago

She so cool man I am excited

Angie Gypsy Nowling 8 days ago

Omg omg omg

Shannon Williams Meyer 8 days ago

Oh man, LOVE Dru!!!!

Alethia Mason 8 days ago

So many hearts needed on this post!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Denise Orlando LoRusso 8 days ago

I loved her on Buffy!!

Jana Casebolt 8 days ago

Omg drusilla

Marty Alderman-Phillips 8 days ago


Madeline Esposito Stouffer 8 days ago

Hell yeah!

Ali Blake 8 days ago


Cassandra Spurlock 8 days ago

Lisa Spurlock

Kelly Keith 7 days ago

Nevada Orenda Jade Buckley King Cazares my heart is broken! I can't go this year😩😫😩

Chelcie H 8 days ago

Ashley Paige, Dru and Spike 😱

Martin Jones 8 days ago

Look Amy Law Jones.

Megan Miller 8 days ago

Seth Norman ^_^

Sydney Casebolt 8 days ago

Brent Shearer Jana Casebolt yes!!!!

Stefanie Cervantes 8 days ago