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Finally ... Lloyd Kaufman returns to HorrorHound Weekend! It has been a long time since we have seen Lloyd at a HHW, so we are thrilled to announce that he will be in attendance this March 17-18th at the HorrorHound Weekend: Cincinnati event - with special thanks to Scarlet Lane Brewing! (Oh yeah ... we have some HorrorHound Ale info looming!!!!!)

Lloyd Kaufman is a legend – the creator of TROMA – as well as films like The Toxic Avenger saga - Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. - Class of Nuke 'Em High - Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead ... he has directed so many key and fan-fave indie and low-budget affairs like Tromeo and Juliet, Waitress!, Terror Firmer, Stuck on You, The First Turn-On!, Troma's War, and the recent Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1. As a producer, he has delivered such titles as Silent Night, Bloody Night, Mother's Day, Igor and the Lunatics, Monster in the Closet, Def by Temptation, Sucker, Decampitated, and Father's Day .... Lloyd has even appeared on screen for some killer roles, including a bit in Guardians of the Galaxy, Super, Hatchet II, Slither, LolliLove, Cell, Orgazmo, Apocalypse Kiss, Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas, Hack Job, Father's Day, Cry Uncle (and even 1976's Rocky).

To order your tickets for HorrorHound Weekend - visit www.horrorhoundweekend.com today!

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Steven Goetz 6 days ago

I'm unable to attend that weekend, and have to VIP passes for sale if anyone is interested. Only asking $100 for each. If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me.

Jamie Meyer 6 days ago

Lets get this for March!!

Adam Talley 8 days ago

Hes super nice, too! Will take pics and sign. Buy troma stuff, he'll sign it.

Ryan Michael Coby 7 days ago

What's the really awesome Gummy candy vendor that was in the cafe last year?

Mark Ailes 8 days ago

You have to get him to Indy. I've been waiting to meet him for a long time.

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company 8 days ago

We are looking forward to partying with Mr. Kaufman!

Denise Orlando LoRusso 8 days ago

Are we going to see "Return to Nukem part II??

Adam Cook 8 days ago

Laurie Sutherland if you guys go, I want his autograph!

Jerred Daniel Adams 8 days ago

As a die-hard Troma fan? This is amazing!

Sam Cornett 8 days ago

I hope you can have him at Indy sometime.

David Minshall 8 days ago

Nice one!

Adam Talley 8 days ago


Ryan Bratton 8 days ago


Anika Dusseau 8 days ago

Mike Dusseau!

Londa Rice 8 days ago

Amanda Merida Tina Tuttle

Kelly Smith 8 days ago

Mikie Burke damn.

Shon Wheeler 8 days ago

Brian Donaldson!!!

Mike Morgan 8 days ago

Alicia Angeleri!

Michael Fleischmann 8 days ago

Ashley Montgomery Leslie Kay Allison Younger

Nick Campana 8 days ago

Matt Jones

Zoe Kavanagh 8 days ago

Séamus Hanly