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Camera Obscura from Chiller Films available this June!

In Camera Obscura, Christopher Denham (TV’s “Billions”, Argo) plays Jack, a former war photographer suffering from PTSD. Still adjusting to civilian life after 18 months, Jack finds it difficult to fall back into the normalcy of everyday life after his ordeal. To help him get back behind the camera, his fiancé Claire (Nadja Bobyleva) buys him an antique camera at an auction and gets him a job photographing real estate listings for her employer.
Jack is enthused about shooting and relishing his new camera as he photographs various properties throughout the city. As he looks through his developed film he notices a disturbing trend- each roll contains what appears to be dead bodies in the locations he took pictures.

Is he imagining these bodies, is he having a relapse of PTSD or is it something more ominous? Are the photos tied to Jack’s past or are there supernatural elements within the camera itself? What do you do when you cannot un-see something? What lengths will a person go through to prove to themselves they are not crazy and what acts they will potentially carry out to change a future only they can see? As the body count adds up Jack exposes himself to potential danger and police radar.

Camera Obscura succeeds not because or a big budget, big name actors or audacious special effects (although there are very good elements), it succeeds on story development and genuinely wanting to see how this plays out. The viewer is fully submerged in watching Jack try to make rational, yet completely irrational decisions again and again as he attempts to alter the outcome of his pictures. Denham is effective and determined as Jack and his quiet calm adds a believable touch to the frantic happenings in the film. Director Aaron B. Koontz delivers a cohesive story full good performances, location changes and attention to detail.

IN THEATERS: June 9, 2017
DISTRIBUTOR: Chiller Films

by: HorrorHound