Tuesday, Aug 3 2021
Hot Sauce Bundle thumb

Hot Sauce Bundle

Bundle includes:

  • One bottle of HorrorHound Habanero Hot Sauce.
  • One EXCLUSIVE HorrorHound "Red Devil" T-shirt.
  • Soft enamel pin.
The Red HorrorHound "Red Devil" t-shirt is exclusive to this bundle and will not be reprinted and will only be sold as part of this bundle sale.
*Hot sauce is 5 fl oz. – Habanero flavored (ingredients include distilled vinegar, habanero peppers, salt, fried carrots, gum blend, dried onions, dried garlic. Produced in conjunction with Bobbie Weiner Enterprises dab Bloody Mary. 

  • $40.00
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Categories: Virtual HorrorHound: March 2021

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