Wednesday, Nov 30 2022

The Winners: HorrorHound Film Fest Spring 2021

Thank you to everyone who not only attended the Virtual HorrorHound Weekend event this past March 19-21st, but the amazing folks who helped put it on. From our team leaders, R. Zoe Judd and Jay Kay, Jessica Dwyer, Jeremy Sheldon, Josh Disney – and the amazing hosts who helped pull together some extremely entertaining blocks – including the folks at Screaming Soup, Raggedy Dead Ann, and Clownvis Presley. The Spring 2021 HorrorHound Film Festival was filled with astounding films – both feature and short – and we are so thankful for the talent that entrusted their work with HorrorHound! For those who missed the festival, we urge everyone to visit, where you can still check out the full lineup of films that were featured throughout. Hunt them down – they are worth it! On Sunday evening of the Festival, R. Zoe and D'Sheild Eversole unveiled the winners of the Spring Festival, in all categories, here is the roundup of all the categories. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Judge's Choice: NOVA


Best Short: NOVA

Best Directing: PETER TIEMANN (The Stairs)

Best Leading Performance: TORI KOSTIC (Katherine's Lullaby)

Best Supporting Performance: WILLIAM KIRCHER (Katherine's Lullaby)

Best Writing: SAVVAS CHRISTOU (Katherine's Lullaby)

Best Cinematography: DAVID C. SMITH (Nova)

Best Sound: THE STAIRS

Best Special Effects in a Feature Film: COMPANION

Best Special Effects in a Short: NOVA