Saturday, Dec 4 2021

Halftone Horrors "Late Pledge" Pre-Sales Now Available


We are excited to announce that the late pledge pre-sales for HorrorHound's upcoming book, Halftone Horrors: The History of Horror Movie Comic Books, is now online, thanks to CrowdOx. Near the end of 2020, HorrorHound launched a Kickstarter campaign to help launch this exciting new compendium to horror movie licensed comic books – a campaign that reached over 140% of its goal(!) and is expected to be completed around April of 2021. With the funding confirmed, we were able to proceed with the project, taking it to pre-sale and distribution solicitation for a wider release this Summer. But if you would like to still back the project and take advantage of the merchandise incentives – such as shirts, pins, comic books, and more – plus, guarantee you are one of the first horror fans to receive the book as soon as it's printed – visit the CrowdOx post-campaign store - CLICK HERE today.