Sunday, Jan 16 2022

AMOK Time Reveals Creepshow "Fluffy" Toy

Amok Time Toys announced their fourth action figure as part of their growing Monstarz Creepshow toyline – Fluffy from the short film, "The Crate!"

Monstarz Creepshow "The Crate" Fluffy figure stands 3.75" tall, and is sculpted as part of the Retro Action Figure line that captures the feel of toy releases from the 1980s!  "Fluffy" is the crate beast from Creepshow's fourth tale, "The Crate" – previous figure releases include a "Something To Tide You Over" two-pack, and "Nathan Zombie" from the "Father's Day" episode of the classic Anthology feature film. This action figure will feature 6 points of articulation (shoulders, elbows and wrists), a Crate (which features a hinged lid, 2 sets of chains, and 2 locks). Look for this awesome release in stores May of 2019. And don't forget to visit to pre-order yours today!

Creepshow ... "The most fun you'll ever have being scared!"