Tuesday, Sep 18 2018

17 September

Triple Monster Feature with GWAR and Friends

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Halloween is coming early fiends. A triple monster feature is coming to a town near you on this can't miss tour. Everyone's favorite scumdogs, GWAR, are set to tour in support of their new studio album (and first without Oderus Urungus), The Blood of Gods. For this tour GWAR recruited

15 September

Jamie Lee Curtis Returns to Haddonfield!?!

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Today, John Carpenter went to social media to announce: "Great HALLOWEEN News! Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in HALLOWEEN, released by Universal Pictures on October 19, 2018. #HalloweenMovieBlumhouse confirmed that not only will Jamie Lee Curtis return to the Halloween franchise (to be directed by

14 September

The ULTIMATE Puppet Master Collectible!

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Full Moon has announced something too cool to pass up: A replica of the mystical Andre Toulon's travelling case in the Puppet Master film franchise. Toulon's Trunk is a stunning wood and metal-forged box set containing all 11 official Puppet Master films, remastered on Blu-ray, as well as a bonus disc,

5 September

H2F2 - Saturday Night Laughs

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H2F2 has lost its mind ... and we want you to come along! HorrorHound Weekend (Sept 8 - 10 in Indianapolis, Indiana) is all about the horror; but, sometimes you have to cleanse your palate.  What better way than comedy?!  H2F2 Saturday Night Laughs is showing a nice pair ... of films. 

5 September

WTF! - Review

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Drawing influence from films like Prom Night (2008), I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) and AprilFools Day (1986), we meet a group of cookie cutter seniors who havedecided on spring break to journey out for a weekend of fun to a secluded cabinwithing the woods in WTF! Each member of the

4 September

Halloween Editions of Fox Horror BD/DVDs!

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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment unveiled some pretty bad-ass Halloween treats for movie and art buffs. The studio, is set to release a 19 film collection of exclusive Halloween edition Blu-rays and DVDs in limited-edition art packaging by renowned artist/illustrator Orlando Arocena. Utilizing vibrant colors and a fervent imagination, Arocena’s

3 September

HorrorHound Mask Available at HHW!

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During the HorrorHound Weekend event coming up, September 8-10th at the Indianapolis Marriott East, we will be offering an extremely limited hand-made, hand-painted HorrorHound Mask – produced by Monte Ward, based off designs by Jeff Rebner. The mask is sculpted and produced in a nod to the Ben Cooper style

2 September

Hellraiser soundtrack, poster, and more!

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Mondo announced today the release of some very "killer" new Hellraiser collectibles – which includes an all-new vinyl soundtrack – in celebration of Hellraiser's 30th Anniversary. The new releases (detailed below) will premiere at an anniversary screening at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on September 25th, where Hellraiser made its premiere

1 September

H2F2 - Fritz presents "The Lost Boys"

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H2F2 is pleased to announce another installment from Fritz the Nite Owl, multi-Emmy Award winning horror host rom Columbus, Ohio.  Fritz has been bringing his magic to HorrorHound for several years.  And now, Fritz will add his wit to the classic 80s vampire film The Lost Boys!  Fritz himself will

30 August

H2F2 - Music Videos

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Remember when MTV played music videos? Or VH1? Remember lounging on the couch on a Sunday morning watching music videos for hours?  Would you flip out when your favorite band chose a horror-theme for their newest video? Well ... yea ... we do, too!  H2F2 is here to help.  Sunday

28 August

H2F2 - Jeffrey Redick's "The Shift"

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The HorrorHound Film Fest (H2F2) is proud to offer a sneak peek screening of a film shot on location in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The Shift tells the story of three old high school friends getting together to catch up and have some fun...why not a ride-a-long with an Indianapolis police officer? 

27 August

HorrorHound Weekend: Night Terrors!

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AFTER-HOUR EVENTS UPDATE:We have some updates to announce in regards to the after-hours events for Friday and Saturday nights as well as the annual costume contest – so please read carefully.FRIDAY NIGHT IT AFTER PARTYHorrorHound is excited to present an IT themed party on Friday night to celebrate the release

26 August

Horor Punks The Undead Still Going Strong

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Photo by: R. CrowlandThe Undead was a band that I have wanted to see perform live for some time now. Thankfully, I was finally given that opportunity and they did not disappoint! I was able to catch up to New Jersey's group of groovy ghouls as they played the Southgate

25 August

HorrorHound Weekend Pro Photo-Ops!

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PHOTO-OPS UPDATE: We are getting a lot of questions regarding Photo-Ops! All available professional ops are now online and ready to order! CLICK HERE! Some of the noteworthy ops we have available include group ops for Goonies, Buffy, The Lost Boys, The Frog Brothers duo (Corey Feldman, Jamison Newlander), plus

24 August

H2F2 announces "The Black Room"

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The HorrorHound Film Fest is constantly searching for the new, the unusual, the fresh, the original.  It's nice when this can be found, but with familiar faces. H2F2 is excited to announce the screening of The Black Room, starring Natasha Henstridge, Lin Shaye, James Duvall, Tiffany Shepis, and Lukas Hassel. The Black Room is

23 August

H2F2 - "Interstellar Civil War"

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After six months of editing, post processing, and polishing, the iconic Albert Pyun is bringing his epic space odyssey, Interstellar Civil War, back to H2F2.  A computer glitch prevented the screening at the last film fest in Cincinnati, Ohio in March.  Now we will get to see the WORLD PREMIERE of

22 August

H2F2 - "The Mothman of Point Pleasant"

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TheHorrorHound Film Fest (H2F2) is excited to announce the screening of The Mothman of Point Pleasant.  This isthe second film screened from Small Town Monsters. The Boggy Creek Monster was wellreceived at our last event. These filmmakers are doing something verydifferent, their documentaries look, feel, and low like a movie ... and, it'sobvious

21 August

Victor Crowley Teaser – Hatchet Reborn!

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Earlier this week, Dark Sky Films and ArieScope Pictures shocked the horror world with their top-secret premiere of a brand-new Hatchet feature film (the screening was guised as a 10th anniversary screening for the original Hatchet). Titled Victor Crowley, the new film stars a returning Kane Hodder as the title

19 August

HorrorHound Film Fest - "Cat Sick Blues"

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The HorrorHound Film Fest (H2F2) strives to bring the best in independently produced film from around the world.  Once again, a twisted film comes from Down Under.  Australian filmmaker, Matthew Vaughan, give us a story that blurs the lines of bizarre and surreal.  Cat Sick Blues will be screening as part of

18 August

NOTES & BLOOD: The Color Morale's Garret Rapp

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When you’ve toured the world, sold thousands of records and have been featured in every major music magazine, what next dream or goal do you shoot for? If you’re Garret Rapp, vocalist for the popular metalcore band, The Color Morale, you shoot for something you’ve always wanted even more than